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You can go to the navy records look up navy officers that died in World War 2 and it should tell you where they were stationd and where they died.

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Q: Where would you find information on a US Navy officer who died during World War 2 in Tarawa?
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Was The Battle of Tarawa fought during World War 2?

Yes , the Battle of Tarawa was fought during the second world war : November 20 to November 23 . See related link below to additional information .

When was the invasion of Tarawa during World War 2?

20 November 1943

What was the outcome of the battle for tarawa?

Tarawa was one of the bloodiest battles of world war two but is rarely talked about. The United States Marine Corps and Army were victorious over the Japanese but casualties on both sides were heavy. There isn't enough space here to really get into the details of the battle but if you google battle of tarawa you will find a great deal of information on it.

When did the battle of Tarawa happen?

World War II.

What were the amphibious operations the US Army and Marines participated in during World War 2?

There where many.. For Example D-Day, Peleliu, Tarawa, Iwo Jima etc.

Who is the most famous Chief Information Officer in the world?

Ralph Szygenda

How many islands were taken during the Pacific Campaign in World War 2 by use of the strategy of island hopping?

The new strategy of "Island Hopping"; and sometimes, during the war, referred to as "hitting them where they ain't", was a strategy adapted after the bloody "Battle of Tarawa", in November 1943. For further information, see website: World War 2 Time Line 1939-1945; Pacific Islands.

In what branch of the military did John F. Kennedy serve during World War 2?

He was an officer in the US Navy during World War 2.

What rank did Harry Truman attain during World War 1?

He was an Artillery officer.

What did OCTU stand for during World War 2?

Officer Cadet Training Unit.

What World War 2 battleground of 1943 has 6 letters and possibly begins with Ta?

The only possibility I can think of is Tarawa.

What was John F. Kennedy position in the navy?

JF Kennedy was a commissioned officer. He fought in the Pacific Theater during World War 2. He was the commanding officer of PT-109.

Who lead he pacific navy during World War 2?

Admiral Ernest King was the US top naval officer. Admiral Chester Nimitz was the top Pacific naval officer.

What squadron did Jimmy Stewart command during World War 2?

He commanded the 703rd Bombardment Squadron After he was promoted from officer

The first large-scale government effort to influence public opinion the Committee on Public Information was created during?

The Committee on Public Information was created during World War I.

What are some major battles that occurred during World War 2?

Pearl Harbor Coral Sea Midway Guadalcanal Solomon Islands Marianas Tarawa Philippines Okinawa Battle of Britain Normandy(D-Day) Battle of the Bulge Operation Market Garden

What were the reasons for poor relations between the US and Japan during the period of World War 2?

Pearl Harbor, Wake Island, The Bataan Death March, Guadalcanal, Bougainville, New Guinea, Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian, Guam, Peleliu, Iwo Jima, Okinawa

How can you find information about the 36th Cavalry Squadron during World War 2?

Go to and search "36th Cavalry Squadron during World War 2"

What is billet and billet officer?

A billet is where a soldier is assigned to sleep, such as in barracks or garrisons. During World War 2, it originally meant a note issued by a billeting officer to a soldier, directing him to his living quarters.

Did francisco franco have anything to do with World War 1?

NO. Francisco Franco, a military officer for neutral Spain, was in Morocco during World War I. He had nothing to do with World War I.

Did General Douglas Mac Arthur become president?

No, he never became a president, he was a military officer during World War 2.

How do you get information about LOMAS?

list the crew of HMS glory during 2nd world war

Who was the Head of the Committee on Public Information during World War 1?


Who led the Committee on Public Information during World War 1?

George Creel

What does the sending of a white feather to an officer in the British army signify?

The sending of a white feather to an officer in the British Army signifies cowardice. It was done during the first world war to try to shame men into enlisting.