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bush auto place has this part! 937 382 2252 ask for kathy cook. she is the parts manager. she will look this up for you.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-29 03:56:30
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Q: Where would you find the electric actuator for the heater on a 1999 Chevy blazer?
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Where is the vacuum line for the heater blend door on a 2000 Chevy blazer s- 10?

The heater blend door is not run by vacuum. It is run by an electric actuator.

Where is the actuator in a 1997 Chevy blazer?

The 4x4 actuator is screewed into the front differential housing towards the passanger side, It has electric wires going to it,

Where is the actuator for 98 Chevy Blazer?

the temperature control actuator is on top of the heater box under the dash. you have to remove the dash to get at it. a repair manuual will show what screws to remove

Replace heater core in 1997 Chevy blazer?

how to replace a heater core in a 1997 Chevy blazer

How do you replace an electric blend door in a Chevy blazer?

Remove the dash assembly to gain access to the blend door actuator.

Where is vacuum actuator 1998 Chevy Blazer?

Under your battery tray

How do you replace vacuum actuator on a 1984 Chevy blazer?

on the front axel

Where is the actuator switch on 1997 Chevy Blazer?

The 1997 Chevrolet blazer actuator switch is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The switch is on the passenger side of the engine compartment.

2004 Chevy blazer blows only cold air?

It could be the actuator that diverts the air through the heater core. Our enthusiasts forum may be able to help you more at

Does a 1996 Chevy truck have a vacuum solenoid actuator?

No, it is electric

How do you change the blender for Chevy Blazer 1998?

Changing the heater temp blend door actuator requires removal of the dash assembly. Big Job. You will need a shop manual to attempt that one.

Can low coolant cause no heat in 97 Chevy Blazer?

Yes it could and so could a stuck open thermostat or a plugged heater core or a faulty temperature blend door actuator.

Where is the heater control cable on a 2003 Chevy blazer?

It does not use a cable. The heater blend door is operated by a electric motor. The complete dash assembly needs to be removed to gain access to the unit.

Why is the heat always going out on your Chevy Blazer?

The temp blend door actuator is probably at fault.

1999 Chevy blazer where is 4 wheel drive actuator located?

under the battery plate

How do you fix heater air control on a 2002 Chevy blazer?

The heater temp blend door actuator is located behind the dash assembly, attached to the top of the HVAC box. Unfortunately, the entire dash assembly must be removed to gain access.

What are some reasons for a 1999 Chevy Blazer LT 4x4 heater problems?

Low on coolant (leak in coolant system) Thermostat stuck open Heater core plugged Temperature blend door actuator failure Vacuum supply to HVAC dissconnected

How do you change the heater core on a 1999 Chevy Blazer?

You have to completely remove the dash to get access to the heater core.

How do you change a 4wd actuator motor in a 2000 Chevy blazer?

Located under right kick panel

How to Flush the heater core on a 2001 Chevy blazer?

pull the handle down

Why is there antifreeze leaking on the inside of your passenger side of your 97 Chevy blazer?

the heater core, heater core hoses or heater control valve is leaking

What is on the side of the transfer case on a 2005 chevy pickup?

electric actuator (range selector)

Why won't the heater turn off on a 1998 Chevy Blazer?

Maybe a bad switch

Where is the heater control valve on a 2001 Chevy blazer?

Right under the throttle cover.

Why does 1996 Chevy blazer heater smell like burning water and windows fog up?

you probably have a bad heater core.

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