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Where would you find the fuse for a 1991 Subaru legacy power windows?

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βˆ™ 2006-12-14 12:52:31

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Are you sure it is a fuse? The power for the windows on these cars is fed through the driver's power window switch, these switches are positioned in such a way that they catch a lot of crap and rain water. Once the driver's switch dies there is no electrical feed to the affected door(s) causing them not to work on their own. The thing to do is pull the driver's door panel and check the power feed there with a test light. Nothing here tells you either fuse, or a break in the wire where it flexes every time the door is opened and closed. Power here tells you faulty switch(s). Switches are really expensive, but you can carefully disassemble them with a small screw driver, noting where the stuff inside goes, and clean them out, there is enough "meat" on the contacts to clean up with a small file, if after putting the driver's switch back together the affected window is still not working go to that doors switch, again testing for power, and clean it out, now your window will work. It is very rare that the window fuse blows, I will check my book later and post it's location.

2006-12-14 12:52:31
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If the window lock button is on (found on the drivers door) it will cause this to happen. Supposed to be a feature. it was not the lock botton.It was a bad ground on the relay ,power was getting to the relay ,but would not travel to back windows.Thanks For your input

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Rotors or drums warped. Have them turned.

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failed Heater core

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If it had a short it would blow a fuse. You probably have a faulty flasher relay.

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Every car has many grounding points and a text description here would be useless. You can obtain a Subaru Legacy service manual from eBay sellers for less than $10. The manual will include complete wiring diagrams that identify grounding points.

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Pretty sure the fuel pumps are the same thru most of the Subaru lineup. The only difference would be between turbo and non-turbo models. I have found that if the years are close is the most important part, make shure to count the wires, the newer ones have a couple of extra sensors that will make your check engine light come on if not right

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I'm having the same issue, did you ever find an answer to this?

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metal rubbing against the tire

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Maybe on top of the starter Follow + battery cable should be connected to same

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I would bring it in, because you can never be sure

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