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Your state should have a division or department of insurance. You can find them in the blue pages of the phone book, or do a Google search via the web for your state. If the complaint is against your own carrier, the division of insurance can probably help you. If you're making a complaint against another person's insurance carrier, don't hold your breath for results. The division of insurance in your state probably can't influence liability decisions, nor can they force a carrier to change, say, total loss settlements. go on the web to doi. this is the department of insurance. they are very helpful & you can file a complaint on-line w/them. they are for the consumer. they are not biased toward the insurance companies. i have gotten great results w/them.

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Q: Where would you get a form to file a complaint against an auto insurance company?
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What organization would you contact to file a complaint against an insurance company?

The department of insurance for your state.

Can an insurance company bring a charge of vehicular homicide against a person?

No. Only the State can bring a criminal charge against someone. It is doubtful that the Insurance Company would even have standing to file a complaint in such a matter.

What do you do if the insurance for a totaled car does not pay for my personal injuries?

If you feel you haven't been treated fairly, I would file a complaint with your state insurance company or have your lawyer do it.

Can an inurance company bypass your insurers and claim against you?

They would usually go to the insurance company. If they did, I would refer them to your carrier.

Can a claim be made against a person's insurance without their permission?

Anytime you make a claim with your own insurance company against someone else's company or their company directly, the company taking the claim by law has to fully verify and investigate the claim being made. Not only that, no insurance company in their right mind would pay out insurance claims without checking them out first.

Do you file an insurance complaint with the ftc or insurance commission?

The insurance industry is the largest non-federally regulated industry in the US. Since the Federal Government does not regulate it, filing a complaint with the FTC would do you no good. Any complaint should be filed with your State Insurance Commissioner's office.

You would like to file a formal complaint?

Against WHO?

Can homeowners insurance specifically Travelers drop you in middle of claim and where can you get insurance if you have an open claim?

An insurance company cannot drop you in the middle of a claim. The state department of insurance sets standards for how long it takes for the insurance company to respond to a claim, and to issue payment once damage is verified. If they have stopped contact with you and have not given you a reason I would contact your state department of insurance and file a complaint.

How do you file a compliant against a pharmacist?

Start by making a complaint against their employer. If you want to file a complaint with the state you would complain to the State Board of Pharmacy.

If my neighbors house catches on fire and mine is damaged who is responsible for damages?

In all likliehood - your insurance company would pay to repair your dwelling and then they would take action (called "subrogation") against your neighbors insurance company to collect from their insuror.

What is recourse for homeowner whose insurance company paid contractor in full and contractor refuses to complete the job as agreed to with the insurance company?

Your contract with the tradesman is between "You and the Contractor", He did not contract with your insurance company. All the insurance company did is agree to pay the bill for you. So you would need to bring your own civil or criminal action against your contractor depending on the circumstances.

Where would i go to file a complaint against a non profit organization?

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Can reposession company file a claim with your car insurance company to fix preexisting damage?

If your lien holder repo's your vehicle, they can file a claim against your insurance for damage to the vehicle. The repo company itself would have no claim, because it's not their vehicle.

Where can I file a complaint against Cosmetic Dentistry Sacramento, located in Detroit, MI?

I would start with the Better Business Bureau since they are the ones that will help you get an result with the company.

Can you file a claim against a person with no insurance?

You can file a claim against your insurance company for an action caused by another person with no insurance if you are covered for such an occurance. An example would be if you had uninsured motorist coverage and were hit by someone without auto insurance. However if you want to file a 'claim' against the person directly who has no insurance there is no one to file the claim against. The only alternative here is to sue the person in court.

What will happen if someone sues your homeowner insurance Will this affect you in the end?

No suit should be filed against your homeowners insurance but any liability suit would be filed against the homeowner themselves. At that point you would turn it over to your insurance company and they would take care of everything. The person suing would have to prove you were negligent for something causing damage to them.

Can an auto insurance company file a lien against your home for auto damages?

Yes--but only if they have a court judgment against you. In that case, they would have what is called a judgment lien.

How do you deal with a contractor if they inflate prices on your bill for repairing your home because insurance money is involved?

I would first call your insurance company and make them aware of your suspicion. Ask them to make another inspection to protect yours and the companies interest. You might then call a consumer hot line in your state if there is a fraud section for contractors. I would file a complaint against the contractor with the state and tell them what you said here.

Can you sue at fault driver in California who has insurance if his insurance company refuses to pay your claim for medical expenses or do you have to sue his insurance company?

yes. you can sue an at fault driver if his insurance company refuses to pay your claim. it would not be proper to sue the insurance company.

How good is pekin insurance, and how much do they charge?

Based on current reviews, Pekin Insurance seems to be a relibial insurance company. To see how much money they would charge you would first have to get a quote from the insurance company.

How do you register a complaint against reassure life insurance?

It is unclear just what insurance company you are referring to, but I presume that it is Reassure America Life Insurance Company, in Coppell, TX. If that is the case, you can file a consumer complaint with the Office of Insurance Assistance (or similar name) of the Texas Department of Insurance. Initially, contact the insurance regulator's office, or go to its website, to obtain the forms that would help most--there is probably a standardized form for consumer complaints. Before you do any of this, make sure of the identity of the insurer. Its name will appear on the policy. You may have to do some legwork, such as on the internet, to make sure that the company that issued the policy is not now part of another insurer, but doing so on the front end will save time in processing your complaint. Also consider going directly to the insurance company before going to the regulator. Insurers want to pay valid claims and have departments set up to field consumer problems. Once you identlfy the proper insurer, contact its customer service department and work through its internal process before contacting the regulator. The regulator will want to ensure that you did so before it intervenes.

Can a 17 year old get their own car insurance in ga?

No. An insurance policy is a kind of contract, and a contract cannot be enforced against a minor. An insurance company would be foolish to issue a policy whose conditions could not be enforced.

Can you get insurance on a car after the accident?

No, that would be a lost for the insurance company They gain nothing for that

What is a good insurance company for a Maserati?

There are many good insurance companies for luxury sports cars such as the Maserati. One specific insurance company that would be good is TD Insurance.

What is insurance in terms that a 5th grader would understand?

Simpler than what, exactly? It amounts to a bet against the insurance company. If something (exactly what depends on the kind of insurance) happens to you (or your stuff, again depending on the kind of insurance), then you win the bet and the insurance company has to pay off. (Note: some kinds of insurance amount to a bet that you won't accidentally do something to hurt someone else or their stuff.)