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Your state should have a division or department of insurance. You can find them in the blue pages of the phone book, or do a Google search via the web for your state. If the complaint is against your own carrier, the division of insurance can probably help you. If you're making a complaint against another person's insurance carrier, don't hold your breath for results. The division of insurance in your state probably can't influence liability decisions, nor can they force a carrier to change, say, total loss settlements. go on the web to doi. this is the department of insurance. they are very helpful & you can file a complaint on-line w/them. they are for the consumer. they are not biased toward the insurance companies. i have gotten great results w/them.

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Q: Where would you get a form to file a complaint against an auto insurance company?
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What organization would you contact to file a complaint against an insurance company?

The department of insurance for your state.

Can an insurance company bring a charge of vehicular homicide against a person?

No. Only the State can bring a criminal charge against someone. It is doubtful that the Insurance Company would even have standing to file a complaint in such a matter.

What do you do if the insurance for a totaled car does not pay for my personal injuries?

If you feel you haven't been treated fairly, I would file a complaint with your state insurance company or have your lawyer do it.

Can an inurance company bypass your insurers and claim against you?

They would usually go to the insurance company. If they did, I would refer them to your carrier.

Can I sue my neighbor for fraud against my insurance company?

No, since the insurance company would have been damaged by the act, not you. You have no standing to sue. On the other hand, your insurance company can sue- and can pursue criminal charges.

Can a claim be made against a person's insurance without their permission?

Anytime you make a claim with your own insurance company against someone else's company or their company directly, the company taking the claim by law has to fully verify and investigate the claim being made. Not only that, no insurance company in their right mind would pay out insurance claims without checking them out first.

You would like to file a formal complaint?

Against WHO?

Do you file an insurance complaint with the ftc or insurance commission?

The insurance industry is the largest non-federally regulated industry in the US. Since the Federal Government does not regulate it, filing a complaint with the FTC would do you no good. Any complaint should be filed with your State Insurance Commissioner's office.

Can homeowners insurance specifically Travelers drop you in middle of claim and where can you get insurance if you have an open claim?

An insurance company cannot drop you in the middle of a claim. The state department of insurance sets standards for how long it takes for the insurance company to respond to a claim, and to issue payment once damage is verified. If they have stopped contact with you and have not given you a reason I would contact your state department of insurance and file a complaint.

How do you file a compliant against a pharmacist?

Start by making a complaint against their employer. If you want to file a complaint with the state you would complain to the State Board of Pharmacy.

Where would i go to file a complaint against a non profit organization?

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If my neighbors house catches on fire and mine is damaged who is responsible for damages?

In all likliehood - your insurance company would pay to repair your dwelling and then they would take action (called "subrogation") against your neighbors insurance company to collect from their insuror.

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