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As a civilian, you received a book of ration STAMPS from the War Rationing Board. When you purchased an item from a merchant that was rationed, you need money AND ration stamps for that item. This included food- which you bought from the grocer or butcher.

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Q: Where would you have collected your food rations from in WW2?
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What do rules do?

what rules did you have to follow rations ww2

What rules do you follow?

what rules did you have to follow rations ww2

How many eggs were people allowed in there rations in WW2?

in WWII they were only allowed 1 egg each weer

When was it decided that Africa would not be attacked by nukes?

at the end of ww2 because of food shortages

Who bought pasta to England?

Italian prisoners of ww2,who were sent to England, started making it for themselves because they hated the English rations they were receiving at the labour camps.

Why did they remove iron in World War 2?

The didn't remove it; they collected it. During WW2, UK, USA, Germany and almost all nations had to ration important irons and other resources, such as brass, rubber, leather, and food. They did this because it was needed for the military and if people didn't conserve they would lose the war.

What candy was created for the US Army to eliminate sticky trigger fingers?

M&M's were first developed for rations delivered to US military forces in Europe during WW2.

What was rationed WW2?

eating small portions of food and saving portions for what food you did have

Why were people asked to save their food in ww2 rationing?

they didnt get much food so they should save it

Who was rationed in the World War 2?

Many of the countries who fought in ww2 were rationed. Food and gasoline were two main items that were rationed in ww2.

Why did Liverpool get evacuated?

Liverpool was evacuated during WW2 because Liverpool has one of the main ports in the entire UK and so was targeted. The Germans wanted to stop the food and drink and other necessary items from getting to the people, by taking out Liverpool with the bombs they stopped the supply of food etc. Most of the children were evacuated to Wales while many stayed and endured the air raids. That is why for many years people lived on rations.

Which cigarette brands were used by GI's in the Vietnam war?

All brands of cigarettes were available in Vietnam although, for some reason, menthol brands were sometimes in short supply. In the early part of the war C rations left over from WW2 were distributed to the troops. Included with the C rations was a package that would contain a variety of items, including cigarettes. I remember smoking Lucky Strikes that were manufactured before I was born. The familiar red circle was wartime green - I believe because the red dye was needed for other wartime uses.