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check for short behind CD player if aftermarket

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Q: Where would you look for a short in the tail lamp and hazard fuse box?
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What would cause wiper to go out but not return on a class A motorhome.?

Could be a fuse located in the same fuse box housing fuses for turn signal lamp, hazard lamp, etc.

Where do you find the fuse for the cigarette lighter in a 92 ford escort LX?

its all in one cigarette lighter, interior lamp, and or hazard is all the same fuse

You have a 1992 caprice and you can't get your hazard lights to work but your turn signals work fine Please help?

If your hazard lights don't work but your turn signals do work it could be that your Hazard Lamp Flasher needs to be replaced. Your car has both a "hazard lamp flasher" and a "turn signal lamp flasher". Your "turn signal lamp flasher" is working but your "Hazard Lamp Flasher" may not be working. Buy a new "hazard lamp flasher" and install it. The hazard lamp flasher is located behind the instrument panel to the left of the steering column.

Does the word lamp have a short a sound?

Yes, lamp has a short A sound. Otherwise, it would sound like "lame-puh." That would be a long A.

Which fuse controls the blinker on a 2002 Ford F150 4x4?

www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) - Owner Guides shows : fuse # 13 - 20 amp - Turn/Hazard Flasher , stop lamp switch ( lamps ) fuse # 23 - 10 amp - Turn/Hazard Flasher and several other items

What happens when a bulb fuses?

It's not widely realised that incandescent lamps have a fuse element in series with the lamp base and the filament. This fuse is designed to prevent the lamp exploding in the event of a failure of the filament which results in it being short circuited.

What is wrong with a 1994 Dodge Ram diesel when the fuse for the brake lights keep blowing?

There is a short to ground in the stop lamp circuit. The most common places for the short to be located are at either lamp, and at the trailer wiring(if equipped).

What does hdlp stand for in fuse boxes?

Head lamp.Head lamp.

Where is the trailer fuse in 1997 ford power distribution box?

Fuse # 7 - 20 amp maxi-fuse - for trailer park lamp and trailer stop lamp

Why does my 1999 Chrysler Sebring convertible keep blowing its tail light fuse?

Short in the wiring or the lamp holder for the tail light is corroded.

Where is the horn fuse on a 98 Mazda Protege?

The horn fuse is the same as the stop lamp fuse

Ford Escape park lamp fuse?

The park lamp fuse on a Ford Escape is located in the main fuse panel, near the hood release. It prevents the lamp from drawing too much current and will break under excessive load.

What colour fuse ia the back fog lamp on Astra 2002?

what colour fuse is rear fog lamp on vauxhall astra 2002

Why is dangerous to sleep in a closed room with an oil lamp on?

Besides the fire hazard, the burning lamp consumes oxygen. In a sealed room, left burning long rnough, it would use up all the oxygen, and you would die.

Why does the fuse keep blowing that runs the defroster switch and backup lamp switch and OD shift on a 2000 Explorer LTD?

Fuses blow due to overheating. Overheating is caused by, a short in the wiring, bad ground, overloaded circuit, too small a fuse for the load, short in the assembly the fuse is protecting, etc.

What is the normal fuse for 60W lamp?


Where is the fuse for the brake lights on a 2003 Dodge Dakota?

The brake light fuse should be in the fuse box under the hood and behind the battery. The fuse location diagram should be on the inside of the fuse box lid, and the fuse will probably be marked, 'stop lamp', 'ST LAMP', or something like.

Why would brake light fuses keep blowing on a 1998 Dodge Neon?

Most likely one or both brake light lamp sockets are corroded. This will short the circuit and blow the fuse. The only other most likely cause is a loose wire connection at the socket or fuse holder.

What fuse should you use in a table lamp?

1amp 3 max depends on what rating lamp it is (or bulb).

Interior Courtesy Lamp fuse on a 1999 Pontiac grand am?

fuse box in side the car

How do you reset Toyota hilux 166R t belt indicator lamp?

The easiest way to reset the timing belt indicator lamp in your Toyota automobile is to remove the fuse for the indicator lamp. Keep the fuse out for approximately 30 seconds. Put the fuse back in and the indicator light should be off.

Is stamp a short a word?

Yes. The A has a short A sound as in am and lamp.

Does lamp has short sound of a?

yes it has

Why the 1997 ford contour's fuse for courtesy lamp keep blowing?

Some portion of the circuitry downstream of the fuse which supplies voltage to the lamp is shorting to ground, perhaps at the lamp holder socket connection. A wiring diagram should be consulted.

Does lamp have a short vowel sound?

Yes. It is the short A sound as in lamb and camp. The short A heard in lamp and land has a slightly different sound than the short A heard in lap and lack.