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Q: Where would you look for help to get funding to buy a house of reserve?
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What are items are covered in a home owners association reserve account?

Your treasurer, president, or association manager can help you review your Reserve Study, or other source of funding for your reserve account. Typically, the reserve account covers major asset replacement or repairs, for elements such as roofs, windows, elevators, asphalt and so forth. It may also cover amenities, such as pool, club house furniture -- depending on your association's assets.

What is public funding?

Public funding is funding that is provided by the government. Many social programs designed to help people receive public funding.

Is there funding anywhere to help pay for driving lessons?

can you get help for paying for driving lessons can you get funding for paying for dental care can you get funding for housing

Will joining the marines help me with money for college How about the army?

Joining the Marines or the Army can help you with college funding. The GI Bill ensures that military personnel will get help with college funding after they have served in the armed forces. There are also federal and state agencies that can help with educational funding.

The federal government should provide funding to raise teachers' salaries?

The federal government should provide funding to raise teachers' salaries especially if the government wishes to encourage better teachers. This funding would help to increase the education levels in the entire country.

Which action by the Federal Reserve would help to slow down rising inflation?

Sell Bonds

What should one do with new invention ideas to help get funding?

There are a number of steps one should take with new invention ideas to help get funding. One of the first things to do would be to patent the idea, to stop other inventors or companies from copying the design. From there, contacting a patent lawyer would be the logical next step before finding investors.

If I'm pregant what is the best grant to help me get my college classes paid for?

what grants would be the best to help me with school while I'm pregant and need asst with funding

funding for small trucking company to get CARB Compliant?

funding for small trucking companies to help get CARB compliant

Is there a specific company that specializes in settlement funding?

There are many companies that specialize in settlement funding. There are also many lawyers that will help you out as well. You can look in your yellow pages for people that can help.

Do you help with emergency dental funding?


What are the functions of UNICEF and do they help with?

== == Help Children all over the world during crisis and help with the funding.

What is An effective way to help ensure that funding decisions are fair to all segments of the community?

An effective way to help ensure that funding decisions are fair to all segments of the community is to:

Are there charities or other funding sources that will help with the purchase of a handicap van?

There are charities that will help with funding a handicap van. Some people even choose to donate vans they no longer needs to help others. Learn more at

Why NG Funding for finance help?

NG Funding offers a full service solution for large or smaller companies. Great place to start.

What is a game reserve?

A game reserve is a large area of land which animals are kept in to help their species survive.

What is government funding?

Government funding is when the government funds a cause, charity, business, or product that is meant to help the general public. Government funding has gone to hundreds of people in the past 5 years alone in the US.

How can college funding benefit you?

College funding can help in many ways. Government assistance and scholarships are common ways to get help paying for college. The FAFSA website( gives you a lot of information and qualifications.

How does federal government help state government?

They give them funding.

What these would help lower the water bill turning of tap when not in use or washing cars?

Simply have a system of rain reserve problem solved

What is block funding?

Block funding, or block grants, are a fixed amount of money the government has. This money is set apart to help design and carry on programs.

What the benefit of having a doubled glazed window in house?

Well a thicker window would mean less wind and cold within the house. This would help both the heating (as it would not be constantly on ) and the people living in the house.

What company can help with factoring invoices?

Research has shown that there are a variety of companies that can help with factoring invoices, but these companies would depend on what country one is located. Some companies found are "Riviera Finance" and "Factor Funding Co.".

How do you make an online reservation?

Go online, go to the website you want to reserve something from reserve it. Would help if you specified what you're reserving. Or is it like a virtual land reservation?!

How many bricks would you need to build a house?

Telling us the size of the house might help.