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Using the Dewey decimal system where would you find books about Jesus?

Mostly you would find such references in 200, Religion. However you will probably find such references in 900, History as well.

Where would you find the most current information on a topic?

recent books about the subject or topic, or an internet search of the topic.

Is Wikipedia a credited source?

Academically speaking, NO. However, sometimes you can scroll to the bottom and see the references there, and you might find a few creditable sources that discuss the topic your researching.

In which book part would you find the different branches of a particular topic?


Where would you look to find the page number of a topic in a book?

Go to the table of contents

Where would you look to find out quickly how much information on one topic is in a book?


Good gift for a best friend?

I would say it depends on your friend. If you really are best friends with a person, you'll know their interests. When you know their interests, fav colors, etc., then just find something that has something to do with their interests.

What would a commercial lender expect to find in a business plan?

a description of the business, the appendix, and list of references

What is interesting about Denver?

Interests are subjective. What one person may find interesting another may consider trivial. You would need to define your interests before anyone could tell you facts that you may find interesting.

What source would you use to find an extensive amount of well-organized information on a topic to put your topic in context with other important issues or to find historical information?


Where would you find a research data about atomic bomb?

In the internet there a lot of websites dealing the topic.

Where would you most likely find a syndicated column?

Editorial, entertainment or lifestyle, depending on the topic

Where can one find information on secular humanism?

There are many places where one can find information on secular humanism. The information on this topic is widely debated but the most trusted source for this information would be Wikipedia's page on this topic.

Where can one find a general book about health?

There is a lot of interest in general health, and many books published on the topic of health. A good place to go for suggestions would be a doctor or other health care professional, or browse a store with a wide variety of health books until you find one that best suits your needs and interests.

What is a research topic?

A research topic is somthing that a researcher is tyring to find out.

What to do for science oral presentation?

If you can, pick a topic which interests you. Or pick something that you are interested in, and find what science is involved (how do guitar strings work, for example). Your level of interest will naturally make speaking about it a little easier.

How do you impress a guy at school?

Talk to him and find out what interests him, then go out and find out more about his interests and make him feel you are also interested in his world.

How movies affects human lifestyle?

Well see it this way, if you live in a jungle, would you see the world and relations the same way, and really think about this put yourslelf in that image. I wouldn't! uhmmm Sir/Ma'am this is my research paper on my course English 2, then i hardly find for references about this topic that's why i post it here in hoping that some can/will help me. tnx btw for answering my topic.

What are the social legal and ethical implications of genetically modified foods?

Would you like a pony too? This is far too vast a topic to be answered here... books could be written about this, and in fact many have. If you go on and look, I'm sure you can find several that might be relevant to your interests.

How would you start a conversation?

You start by starting. Find a topic of interest, ask question and share opinion.

Is the topic of whether the American revolution was a conservative movement important?

"Important" is in the eye of the beholder - any topic can be important if it is interesting enough to get you to do the research and write the paper about it!That particular topic would be a good, narrow topic to write about. It seems to be the sort of topic that you could find good information about by using a textbook or search engine. And in my opinion, it would make a good argumentative or persuasive essay or speech.

What would a critical reader evaluating the writer's ethos try to find out?

The writer's level of knowledge on the topic would a critical reader evaluating the writer's ethos try to find out.

What are some factors that should be considered in selecting research topic?

You should consider subjects that you would be interested in. You should also consider how easy a topic will be to find research information on .

Where can you find Bella's dreamcatcher?

You can find it at Hot Topic

Where can you find a Hindi essay on the topic nature?

Tree is a best topic from nature.