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In a Eukaryotic cell almost all DNA is in the nucleus (plus some in mitochondria, + chloroplasts)

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Q: Where would you most likely find DNA in eukaryotic cell?
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Where in the cell would you find chromosomes?

In a eukaryotic cell the chromosomes are in the nucleus.

What would you find only in a eukaryotic cell?


Where do you find the vesicles in a eukaryotic cell?

IT is found in the eukaryotic cell

What genes would you expect to find in a eukaryotic cell?

The genes where you would expect to find a eukaryotic cell is the in the DNA within the cellâ??s nucleus. It also can be found within the mitochondria.

Where would you find the genetic material DNA in a eukaryotic cell?

In the nucleus.

Where in the cell would find the genetic information of an organism?

In the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell. In the cytoplasm of a prokaryotic cell.

Where would you find a strand of DNA?

In a eukaryotic cell( multi celled/ uni celled), you would find DNA in the nucleus. In a prokaryotic cell( only unicellular) you would find it in the cytoplasm.

Where in a typical eukaryotic cell would you expect to find genes?

Genes are in chromosomes.They are in nucleus.

Where you would find the Golgi bodies?

inside a eukaryotic cell, there is an organelle called the golgi body

Where would you find a cell with a nucleus?

only eukaryotic cells have a nucleus if it is prokaryotic cells don't have nuclei

Where in a plant would you find Eukaryotic cells?

Everywhere! Plants (Plantae) are eukaryotic organisms, so all of their cells will be eukaryotic. Organisms with membrane bound organelles (the things inside a cell, like mitochondria and the nucleus) are generally eukaryotic.

Is the rough endoplasmic reticulum prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

You would only find a rough endoplasmic reticulum in a eukaryote cell.

In which type of cells are you most likely to find centrioles?

Eukaryotic Cells.

Where do you find chromosomes in the eukaryotic cell?

Chromosomes are found within the nucleus

Does eukaryotic cell have DNA in a nucleus?

Yes, a eukaryotic cell contains Deoxyribonucleicacid (DNA) in the nucleus of the cell. If the cell has a nucleus, that's where you'll find the DNA. The only cells without a nucleus are Prokaryotes.

Where would you find a genetic material in a cell?

For an eukaryotic cell (e.g. human cell), it is found in the nucleus. Genetic material is not bound by membrane in prokaryotic cells (e.g. bateria) but is found in a region called the nucleoid. For an eukaryotic cell, some genetic material can also be found inside the mitochondria and chloroplasts.

Is a nucleus a plant cell or a animal cell or both?

A Nucleus is not a cell. It is found in Eukaryotic cells and the necleus controls the cell. You will not find a Nucleus in a Prokaryotic cell. Prokaryotic cells are simpler and do not have a nucleus or organelles. A Eukaryotic cell is more complex and has a necleus and organelles.

What cell organelles would you expect to find in abundance inside an eukaryotic cell that needs to produce a large amount of ATP?

Mitochondria - as this is where respiration (the conversion of glucose to ATP) occurs.

Which of the 4 basic cell structures are you likely to find in an animal cell?

Well some would be the nucleus, cell membrane, vacuoles and mitochondria.

Is erythrocyte a prokaryotic or eukaryotic cell?

You will only find red blood cells in eukaryote organisms.

If you injure a CNS nerve tissue what cell would you likely find if you take a sample of this tissue?

Infarction, which means cell necrosis.

Name the two places in a cell where you can find DNA?

If it is a Eukaryotic cell you can find DNA in:1) Nucleus2) Mitochondria3) Chloroplast if it is a plant cellIf it is a prokaryotic cell then all DNA is found in the cytoplasm

Where would you find mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum?

In the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells.

What would you find in a cell from a leaf that you would not find in your fingernail?

You would find a cell wall and chloroplasts.

Where would you find chromosomes in the cell?

You would find them in a nucleaus inside the cell.