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Where you can find staryu in soul silver?


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Fish with the Good Rod in Cherrygrove City (night only)


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after you complete the elite 4 go to Kanto, then to Fuschia city and swim around the water near the bottom, you will find a staryu eventually

Yes, you can. You have to evolve Staryu.

You have to use a water stone.

you can't find it... but at heartgold and soul silver you can find staryu at route 19 and 34 and also cherrygrove town, Cianwood city, and Olivine City.

Good / Super Rod Route 47, Route 19, Route 34, Route 40, Olivine City, Union Cave, and Cherrygrove City.

Answer:There are no Silver Apricorns.

you can not get regirock in soul silver but in platinum you can in a special event.

Soul Silver: route 36 Heart Gold: trade with Soul Silver

You can not. There is no possible way of getting a Deoxy's in Pokemon Soul Silver.

As far as I know eevee and poliwhirl evolve from the water stone as well as staryu evolves into starmie

Only leafgreen can get staryu.

Only on heart gold.not soul silver but i don't have one!

In soul silver and heart gold you find it in euritik city in one of the houses

Darkrai isn't available in Soul Silver. You need to trade someone else who has it.

Ditto is found at Routes 34 , 35 and 47 in Pokemon soul silver

You can fish a staryu in lilycove city.

inside mount silver u will find moltrase

You can only find Ledyba in Pokemon Silver and Soul Silver version.

act fast and get him on wifi event

you find her in the cerulian city gym

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