Where you can get good amount for your junk cars?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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You should contact all of the auto salvage yards in your area.

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Q: Where you can get good amount for your junk cars?
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What are some companies that buy junk cars?

There are many companies that buy junk cars. Fast Cash for Junk Cars, Junk the Car, On the Road Salvage, and Copart Direct are all companies that buy junk cars.

How good is my car?

American cars are junk especially camaro or a stupid pickup!

I know there are businesses that buy junk cars but how do I find one of these places locally ?

Buying junk cars is one of the good businesses. But it is very difficult to find these cars. you can find these cars at mechanic sheds or car repairing sheds. you can have the total information by contacting them.

How do you gain cash for used cars?

The best way to sell an old junk car for parts is to take it to a salvage yard or companies that offer to buy junk cars. Some good companies to consider are Pick-n-Pull and Junk Car Kings.

Are car auctions a good value?

It depends on which auction that you care going to and it depends on how well the cars are kept in good condition. You can get some real junk cars from and auction.

Are Smart cars unpopular?

yes they are, they are an over priced piece of junk, retailers say they are good but actually they are gas guzziling twinkie cars!

Where online can I sell or trade junk cars?

A great place online to sell or trade your junk vehicle is eBay. It is a great place where you can get a fair amount of money for what you want. There are bids, and it uses PayPal accounts.

Is the Jeep Liberty a good car?

Hard to find Jeep Liberty parts in a junk yard, so I'd say they are very good cars.

What are some smart ways to get money for junk cars?

There are several smart ways to get money for junk cars. One man's junk can be another man's fixer-upper heaven. Selling to someone who can have it fixed to be operational. Junk cars can be sold to a salvage yard where that can sell the parts or a car can be parted out by the owner. The junk car can be sent to a scrap yard that will pay to use the cars metal. The choice is according to how much time someone wants to spend in getting rid of their junk.

Who buys junk cars in Baton Rouge for parts-?

You can sell junk cars for parts at the Pull-A-Part in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What type of magnet would you use to move around old cars at a junk yard?

A electromagnet is often used to lift up junk cars.

Where can you buy cheap cars in California?

a junk yard.