Where you can get traning of WWE?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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if you want to be a wrestler and want yourself to train you should be tall and strong. you do dumbling, run in treadmill, test your stamina,skill,agility,toughness and strenght. there are actually no place to train for wwe you will have to do it yourself

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Q: Where you can get traning of WWE?
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What can you do to get the admission in WWE traning school?

WWE doesn't have a training to school, to get into WWE development you have to have already been trained in a wrestling school and that still doesn't guarnett you will get in

How many cost of wwe traning club?

1000 dollars... It takes students in December... U have to be 18

Were is WWE raw traning center in the world?

the ww e raw training center is the wcw old ware house

Where is traning for WWE?

To train for the WWE, you can always go to FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling), or OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling). Both have very good trainers. I would recommend Florida, though it cost more to go there.

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You come from goulburn new south wales Australia and you want to be a WWE wrestler were is the closest academy and can you make it as a wrestler in the WWE?

Fcw florida championship wrestling, the traning of future superstars, go to and click on career opurtunitys to find out more info cheers

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