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When I was a youngster and could not afford a magnifying glass, I would twist a piece of wire around a pencil so that it formed a round piece at the end of the wire. I would then dip the rounded end into water so that a blob of water made a very small magnifying glass.

I suspect that when it has rained this same effect is left on leaves, millions of tiny magnifying glasses all concentrating the suns rays onto what they happen to land on. Just one tiny focal point of a rain drop could possibly generate enough heat to start a fire.


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Q: Whether presence of water cause forest fire?
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What causes the forest fire is not the presence of water, but rather the absence of it. Water puts out fires and prevents wet items from burning - you cannot hope to burn a wet towel unless the fire is there for long enough that the heat causes all the water in a particular area to evaporate. However when the object is dehydrated and then overheated, or if a spark lands on it, it will burn easily. A drought resulting in many dehydrated branches and leaves would increase the likelihood of a forest fire.

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