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Q: Which compound does not contain both polar covalent and ionic bonds?
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Does NaF contain covalent bonds?

Sodium fluoride is an ionic compound, which contains no covalent bonds.

How do the names covalent compound differ from names of ionic compounds?

A covalent compound is a compound in which its chemical bonds are covalent bonds where-as an ionic compound has ionic bonds

Is fruit juice an ionic compound or covalent?

Fruit juice is neither an ionic compound nor a covalent compound; it is a mixture. The mixture does contain covalent bonds.

Does LiCl contain a coordinate covalent bond?

Lithium chloride is an ionic compound and has no covalent bonds.

Is CL2 a ionic compound?

It is neither ionic nor a compound. It is an element in the form of diatomic molecules, which contain covalent bonds.

Is PbCl2 a covalent or ionic compound?

Ionic bonds

What is the difference between ionic and molecular compound?

Ionic compounds contain ionic compounds whereas molecular compounds contain covalent bonds in their molecules.

Is serotonin ionic or covalent?

Serotonin is a compound with covalent bonds.

Does sodium dioxide have ionic or covalent bonds?

Ionic compound

Is Na2CO3 ionic or covalent or both?

It is ionic compound, but maintains both ionic and covalent bonds.

Does dinitrogen tetroxide have covalent bonds or ionic bonds?

This is a covalent compound Nitrogen and oxygen can not form the ionic bond.

Does SOCl2 contain ionic bonds?

no. all bonds are covalent

Is NO2 an ionic or covalent compound?

The nitrogen-oxygen bonds would be covalent bonds.

Compounds with both ionic and covalent bonds contain this type if ion?

Compounds with both ionic and covalent bonds contain polyatomic ions.

Does CCl4 contain both ionic and covalent bonds?

No. It contains only covalent bonds.

Is water an example of an ionic compound?

Water contains no ionic bonds as it is a covalent compound.

Is surgical spirit a covalent or ionic compound?

Ethanol has covalent bonds.

Does Li Cl contain both ionic and covalent bonds?

No. It only has ionic bonds.

Is XeF4 molecular or ionic?

This compound has covalent bonds.

Is XeF4 ionic or molecular?

This compound has covalent bonds.

What compounds do not contain covalent bonds?

Ionic or metallic compounds do not contain covalent bonds. Ex. Salt (ionic) or steel/iron/lead (metallic)

Al2SO3 a ionic or covalent bond?

A nonbinary ionic compound. Covalent bonds are molecular - nonmetal.

Does paint contain ionic or covalent bonds?

it is yellow

Does CSI contain covalent bonds?

No. CsI is a salt with ionic bonds.

Is a diamond an ionic compound?

No, diamond is a covalent compound as it is made from carbon which forms covalent bonds.