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Q: Which element could provide one atom to make an ionic bond with chlorine?
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Is chloride an element?

It is the form of the element chlorine with a suffix to show that it is in a ionic compound.

Is sodium chlorine a compound mixture or element?

Sodium chlorine is an ionic compound. NaCl

Why is chlorine an ionic compound?

Chlorine (Cl2) is not an ionic compound. It is a covalently bonded element. Chlorine can form ionic compounds like NaCl (Sodium Chloride) or CaCl2 (Calcium Chloride) but is not itself an ionic compound.

What type of bonds will the element chlorine form?

ionic and covalent

What element reacts with chlorine to form an ionic compound?

Sodium (Na) reacts with chlorine to form sodium chloride (NaCl), which is an ionic substance

What type of chemical bond does sodium element 11 form with chlorine element 17?


Is chlorine molecular ionic or metallic?

The element chlorine at standard temperature and pressure is molecular and has the formula Cl2.

Will element Potassiumand Chlorine form an ionic compound?

Yes, the elements potassium and chlorine will react--very vigorously--to form the ionic compound potassium chloride.

What are the element pairs from ionic bonds between them when combined together?

Sodium and chlorine

Which element would most likely form an ionic bond with chlorine?


What compounds are formed with the element of chlorine?

chlorine forms ionic compounds with metals and covalent compounds with non-metals.

What is the ionic charge of chlorine in its compounds?

In ionic chlorine compounds, the ionic charge of chlorine is -1.

What element would most likely form an ionic bond with chlorine?

hydrogen sulfide

Is common salt an element?

No, it is an ionic compound of Sodium and Chlorine. NaCl. Sodium Chloride.

Is sodium chlorine compound mixture or element?

sodium chloride is compound. it is ionic in nature.

Is clorine a covalent or ionic?

Chlorine, Cl2 is covalent. Any molecules which consist of two atoms of the same element must be covalent. In compounds with other elements chlorine can form ionic or covalent compounds.

Which element when combined with chlorine would most likely form an ionic compound?

Depends on your choices. Lithium does.

Which element has 17 for protons and 18 electrons?

None - however Chlorine, (Cl) when in the ionic state Cl- does.

Is calcium and chlorine ionic or covalent?


Is chlorine oxide ionic or covalent?

Well,Covalent means: nonmetal bonded with a nonmetal. Ionic: Metal bonded with a nonmetalSo technically it cant be either unless you add another element to the equation But chlorine is a gas!

Why is there an ionic bond between calcium and chlorine?

Calcium is a metal element while chlorine is a non metal. The difference between the electron negativities of the elements is more than 2.1. So they form ionic bonds.

What type of chemical bond can form between an element with 11 protons and an element with 17 protons?

This would be an ionic bond. The element with 11 protons would be sodium. The element with 17 protons would be chlorine. Sodium Chloride which is ionic would be the result.

When chlorine reacts with a metal element to make an ionic compound it form a what?

The resulting chemical compound of this reaction is a chloride.

Is chlorine and sodium an ionic?

Chlorine and sodium combine to produce the ionic compound sodium chloride.

Is sodium chlorine a ionic or covalent bond?