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Q: Which grievance was shared by both French and American revolutionaries?
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What happened in Montreal and Quebec during the revolutionary war?

The American revolutionaries were able to find asylum and support from the Quebecois as they all shared a common enemy in the British.

Why did the French Revolution have more of an impact on Europe than the American Revolution?

Because most of Europe shared physical borders with France.

What is the symbol for American Shared Hospital Services in the AMEX?

The symbol for American Shared Hospital Services in the AMEX is: AMS.

What boundaries are included in Brazil?

Brazil has boundaries with ten out of 12 South American countries. It's bordered to the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil's northern boundaries are shared with French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela. Brazil's northwestern boundary is shared with Colombia. Its western boundary is shared with Bolivia and Peru. Its southwestern boundary is shared with Argentina and Paraguay. Its southern boundary is shared with Uruguay.

What is the charge against Darnay?

Darnay is being tried for treason. He allegedly shared secret English information with the French. England had planned to send armed forces to fight in the American colonies because of the ongoing American Revolution. He is accused of being a French spy, but he is acquitted.

How did media like books and newspapers affect the French Revolution?

Media like books and newspapers -- and, equally, pamphlets -- affected the French Revolution profoundly. In sum, the written word was one of the most powerful tools by which revolutionaries shared their ideas and spread the spirit of revolution within Paris and nearby areas, throughout France, and then to the outside world.

How do you say Shared table in french?

une table partagée

What is the market cap for American Shared Hospital Services AMS?

As of July 2014, the market cap for American Shared Hospital Services (AMS) is $15,678,882.60

Who did the Ohio river valley belong to before the french and Indian war?

Shared by the French and Native Americans

Who won the nobel science prize in 2005?

A French chemist (Yves Chavin) and American chemists (Richard Schrock and Robert Grubbs) shared the nobel science prize in 2005.

What were the french fortifications along their shared border with Germany?

The maginot line

What name was shared by 18 french king?

le Roi-Soleil

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