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Q: Which is better, gym or functional training?
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What is a sentence with training?

You can go to the gym an they will be training you

What is a normal college softball workout?

you would have training on the field and training outside the field. Field training would entail skill drills, team drills, and game situations. Off the field workout would be gym workout, functional training, speed training, power training, olympic lifts and flexibility exercises

What does circuit training mean?

Physical training on a number of machines or systems in a gym.

where is a gym that offers personal Fitness training?

Well, I would recommend going to Fit Personal Training Gym because the gym itself, specializes in training people. They also offer a wide variety of exercise equipment to choose from, depending on your needs.

Is gym better then math?

yes gym is better then maht because in gym you run and in math u sit in a desk

What is the better work out swimming or gym sessions?

I think that gym is better than swimming in sometimes ..

Is training a gerund?

Training can be a gerund or a present participle.'Training for the marathon has kept me busy for months.' (Gerund)'He is training in the gym this evening.' (Participle)

What does the FIT formula stand for?

An acronym standing for Functional Intensity Training

Who is better azarian gym max or wildfire?

Gym max

What is Functional Voice Training?

Functional Voice Training develops the singer's relationship with his or her instrument. This encompasses numerous matters depending on the coach / teacher. You could also try looking-up ''

What is functional training in soccer?

Training for a specific position or area of the field (like forwards, outside midfield, etc)

Does a Gold Gym membership include martial arts training?

A gold gym membership is a good thing to have if you have the time to go to a gym and you have the money to pay for it. I believe that when you sign up for a gold gym mebership that it does not include martial arts training and if you want that then you have to pay extra for it.

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