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Q: Which of the following is an effect of an increase in sea surface temperature-for APEX?
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How does increase in surface area effect rate of evaporation?

An increase in surface area causes an increase in the rate of evaporation.

Effect of Temperature on Surface Tension?

surface tension decreases with the increase of temperature

What is the effect of increase of temperature on surface tension?

Surface tension decreases as temperature increases.

Which of the following would be an effect of emigration?

An increase in oil drilling would increase the risk of pollution.

Does surface area have an effect on friction?

Yes greater the surface area coming into contact friction would increase

Which of the following is NOT an effect of pollution What is acid rain formula?

AN increase in human population

What is the effect pulping the liver?

1. release the enzyme out 2. increase the total surface are

What is the effect of sodium chloride on the surface tension of water?

The surface tension of water is increased for salted water.Sodium chloride increase the surface tension of water.

What effect did the increase boycott on British goods following the Boston Massacre have on Parliament?


How mass affect surface area?

Mass has no direct effect on the surface area of an object. You can increase mass without changing anything other property of an object. Volume, Size, and Shape effect surface area.

What is the effect of alcohol on the surface tension?

If the alcohol is Ethanol, then it is soluble in water which means that the surface tension would increase. Higher alcohols are insoluble and surface tension will decrease

What is thermic effect of feeding?

It is an increase in energy expenditure following energy intake. It is decreased in obese individuals.

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