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Iodine is a halogen, not a halide.

No. A 70 Watt metal halide bulb can not be replaced with a 150 Watt halide bulb.

halide is a formed small group of mineral.

Yes the ballast and starter are the same you can run halide in hps, but not hps in halide.

A halide ion is a hydrogen atom with a negative charge.

Common table salt NaCl is a metal halide.

Yes, halide salts are soluble in water.

Halide Edip Adıvar was born in 1884.

Halide Nusret Zorlutuna was born in 1901.

Halide Nusret Zorlutuna died in 1984.

To form an insoluble silver halide.

Between Metal Halide and Mercury Vapor the higher output is emitted from the Metal Halide lamp.

An HQI metal halide lamp belongs to the family of metal halide HID lamps. Hydrargyum quartz iodide (HQI) lamps differ from standard metal halide lamps in that they are often smaller and are offered in double ended versions and require a special socket. The gasses and metal halide salts used in HQI and standard metal halide lamps are the same.

Minerals of the halide group have principal anions called halogens. Examples of halide minerals are fluorite, halite, chiolite, jarlite and lawrencite.

No,you cant. you can run metal halide bulbs in hps but not hps in metal halide. they have to be same wattage. i.e.- 250 halide in 250 watt hps ballast..

Halide Edip Adıvar died on 1964-01-09.

Halide has written: 'Metoda penyusunan dan analisis statistik kejahatan'

Halide Edip Adivar was born in 1882, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Halide Piskin died on November 1, 1959, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Metal Halide can flicker when warming up cause it is starting to get hot inside. Or Metal Halide can flicker when it is about to burn out. Sometimes they even cycle.

When alc. KOH react with alkyle halide it for Alkene, KX (X Is stande for halide) and water. And this reaction also called Dehydrohalogenation...

The elements commonly found in halide minerals are fluorine, chlorine, iodine and bromine.

No, you can not use a metal halide lamp without a ballast.

Halide Edip Adivar died on January 9, 1964, in Istanbul, Turkey.

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