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How often do meteorites hit Earth

The adjustments of materials that follow a major earthquake often generate smaller earthquakes called

Most earthquakes are produced by the rapid release of which kind of energy stored in rock subjected to great forces

What does an earthquake's magnitude measure

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Q: Which of these processes has a cooling effect on earth?
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What are four processes that change rock inside the Earth?

Four processes are compaction and cementation, metamorphism, and cooling.

What are the four processes that change rock inside the earth?

Four processes are compaction and cementation, metamorphism, and cooling.

Does the sun effect the earth's core temperature?

No. Earth's core temperature is determined by processes within the Earth.

What is cooling effect?

Cooling Effects is caused by the melt down of mountain glaciers at the north pole when this continue it will cause the earth a climate change.

Is it true that the increased cooling that a wind can cause is called the Coriolis effect?

No. The Coriolis effect is the deflection of wind and ocean currents caused by Earth's rotation. The increased cooling from wind is called wind chill.

Does ozone layer has cooling effect?

Ozone does have a cooling effect. It is because of its properties.

How will the cooling of Mars effect us?

If mars is cooling, that means that the sun must be reducing in heat, or size, this meaning the Earth with also cool down, hello iceage.

Can increased cooling cause the coriolis effect?

The coriolis force is a consequence of the earth's rotation, and nothing outside of that can influence it.

An example of the effect on human life of the processes within the interior of the earth?

volcanoes erupting along the ring of fire

What is ethylene used for?

Ethylene glycol is a chemical mixture that produces a cooling effect when presented in a high-temperature atmosphere. As a result of its cooling properties, ethylene glycol is used in many mechanical processes, and can be known by another name: "antifreeze".

Science fair do heating and cooling effect the strength of glass?

No, heating and cooling does not effect the strength of a glass

How do glaciers affect earth's temperature?

Glaciers have a high albedo: they reflect more of the Sun's light/heat back into space than bare soil. So their general effect would be cooling: the more glaciers, the larger the cooling effect.

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