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Q: Which one between methylene blue and giemsa stains cheek cells better under 40X magnification and why?
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What is the difference between Wright stain and Giemsa stain?

The difference between Wright Stain and Giemsa Stain is the intensity of the stain. The Giemsa Stain provides a better stain intensity than the Giemsa stain.

What is giemsa?


What stain is used for white blood cell staining?

leishman stain or giemsa stain is used..both of them are mixtures of eosin and methylene blue.

When did Edmund Giemsa die?

Edmund Giemsa died in 1994.

When was Edmund Giemsa born?

Edmund Giemsa was born in 1912.

When was Gustav Giemsa born?

Gustav Giemsa was born in 1867.

When did Gustav Giemsa die?

Gustav Giemsa died in 1948.

What is the principle of giemsa stain?

giemsa stains the phosphate group especially in the adenine-thymine rich region.

What region of the DNA does the giemsa stain dye?

Giemsa stain binds the regions with high content of adenine-thymine complex.

What is romanoskystain?

Romanowsky staining was a prototypical staining technique that was the forerunner of several distinct but similar methods, including Giemsa, Jenner, Wright, Field, and Leishman stains, which are used to differentiate cells in pathologic specimens. A group of eosin-methylene blue stains generally used for blood smears, protozoa and bacteria.

What is a function giemsa stain?

It's used to differentiate the different constituent of the blood cell

Why use methanol to fix smear during giemsa staining?

because giemsa stain is a mixture of methyl acetate Eosin and azure b. it doesnot contain any fixative that is why we use methanol to fix smear during giemsa stain other stain like lieshman contain acetyl free methyl alcohol as a fixative so it does not need to fix slide stain with lieshman stain.

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