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Which type of incident requires multiple fire and patrol vehicles and is usually limited to one operational period

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Who wrote Uncle Toms cabin

Who was the leading spokesman for African-Americans during the realism period of American literature

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Authors, Poets, and Playwrights

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Q: Which sentence from the passage best supports the author’s viewpoint that the situation is hopeless?
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Related questions

Does a supporting sentence repeat the topic sentence?

No, a supporting sentence supports the topic sentence.

What supports a topic sentence?

It is any sentence or phrase that relates to the topic sentence.

What supports the claim in a literary analysis?

The topic sentence supports the claim in a literary analysis.

How do you write a critical lense essay?

A critical lens is a way of analyzing a work of writing through a specific viewpoint. This is a specific type of writing which is often assigned to get you to see things from another angle, and to think more creatively.First, you need to learn which viewpoint you will be using - looking at the Harry Potter books through the viewpoint of a feminist would be totally different from looking at it from the viewpoint of a muggle!Now, read through the work and look for specific parts which you could use for your viewpoint - look for places where it either supports or disproves the ideas in your viewpoint.

What is a supporting sentence?

Supports authors claim

A supporting sentence .?

develops, supports, or explains the main idea of a paragraph

What is a background sentence?

a background sentence is a sentence that supports the main idea or what ever sentence that there is above it. For example: Jenny loved her cat Background sentence: as a matter of fact, Jenny loves her so much she always spends time with her! You see that proves and supports that Jenny loves her cat! Hope that helped!

Which supports the claim in a literary analysis?

Topic sentence

Which supports the claim in a leterary analysis?

topic sentence

A supporting sentence?

develops, supports, or explains the main idea of a paragraph

What supports the earth in space?

Nothing "supports" the Earth in space. It is constantly falling around the sun, in a situation and on a path called an "orbit".

What summarizes the main idea of a paragraph and supports the thesis?

The topic sentence summarizes the main idea of a paragraph and supports the thesis.

What is another word for girlfriends?

Another word for girlfriend can be a close friend. This is because a girl friend is the one who always supports. No matter what the situation is she always supports the guys.

When to capitalize Board?

It is capitalized at the beginning of the sentence or when it forms part of the proper noun. Examples: The board supports our decisions. The Federal Reserve Board supports our decisions.

What is a clincher sentence?

It restates the topic sentence in new words and wraps up the paragraph (apex)

How is a topic sentence and a transitional sentence alike?

A topic sentence and a transitional sentence are not related. A transitional sentence moves the reader from point to point, each which supports the main argument or topic sentence.

What is a column in a sentence?

The stone column that supports the ceiling is crumbling away.

What does the supporting sentence do?

Supporting sentences are the ones that help the main sentence. Like she went home because she was feeling ill.

What does a topic sentence do?

The topic sentence grabs a readers attention. it supports the thesis--------APEX ~veronica

What is a sentence for the word spine?

He injured his spine and cannot walk. The spine supports your body.

What sentence best supports Mr. Aniellos position?

To get an answer, you should give sentences to choose from.

How do you use the word underpinning in a sentence?

He's a man who supports his lifestyle with the underpinning of his family's money.

How do you come up with a thesis statement?

find the main topic and write a sentence about it that supports your details

What summarizes the main idea of a body paragrapraph and supports the thesis in some way?

Topic Sentence

What ethical viewpoint supports the use of animals in medical? medical what? If you mean the medical field, then that depends. If by "use of animals", you mean "exploitation of non-humans that are incapable of providing consent", then your answer is "none".

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