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Sara came home to find Sable missing.

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Sarah came home to find Sable missing.

I would begin by spelling "sentence" correctly

I will now begin the demonstration. Let's begin at the beginning.

Our mailbox is on a rural route so we have a postman who drives to our mailbox.

It would seem so! It would be my pleasure. It would make my day to begin a sentence with it.

The convoy was en route to Iraq.

No. I would say: "You and her will begin to ship the product".

Technically you can: "Why would you do that?" I asked.

No because and is a fanboy and it would not be gramatically correct

That is an unforgettable story

I would like to begin with a startling revelation.He seems to be unable to begin with the truth, much less end with it.

If it's a short story you put it in quotes. A novel you would underline.

A narrator is someone who tells a story. An example of a sentence would be: "The narrator of the story was sarcastic in his view of the situation".

I would to relate a short story to you.

It is perfectly fine to start a sentence with "She". However, it would be incorrect to start a paragraph with she.

In formal writing you would not begin a sentence with because, therefore, the kind of sentence that begins with because is informal.

It's not appropriate to start a sentence with "so". Starting the sentence with "This means" or "As a result" would structure the English better.

the annual food fight will begin tomorrow

The panel will begin the inquiry shortly.

I just want a route that is a little less stressful, other mountain roads with higher, sturdier guardrails would be okay.

I just read a great mystery short story.

Bathos is a word used in literature that means a lapse in mood in a story. A good sentence would be, the story begins with a bit of bathos.

Example sentence - The graduation commencement would begin at 7:00 pm on Wednesday evening.

Example sentence - It would be difficult to describe the sequence of events if I didn't explain why I was there to begin with.

A more correct sentence would be "Catalogue sales begin to rise in autumn as daylight hours decrease." The spelling "catalog" is only used in the U.S.

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