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Q: Which shows the correct way to convert 5 ounces to pounds?
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7 ounces equals how many ml?

An ounce is a unit of mass, while a millilitre is a unit of capacity. Therefore, the two units are incompatible. A compatible unit of measure for ounces would be grams or pounds, while a compatible unit of measure for millilitres would be fluid ounces. Answer: If you're cooking, 7 oz is just a bit over 207 ml. (My measuring cup shows both, but there are websites that will convert for you. See attached link.)

What shows the correct terms for the two sides of a chemical equation correctly placed to the left or to the right where they belong and also shows the correct symbol?

reactants-----> products

How do you convert one pound of olive oil to fluid ounces?

The specific gravity of olive varies. Most research shows it to be between 0.915 and 0.918. Using the median (0.9165) of that spread will show that one gallon of olive oil weighs about 7.64 pounds per gallon or 7.64 pounds per 128 fluid ounces. This is found by multiplying the specific gravity of the oil (0.9165) by the weight of one gallon of water. Water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon. Now a simple proportional setup will do the rest. Solving for x in the following problem will reveal the number of fluid ounces in one pound of olive oil: 7.64/128 = 1/x 7.64x = 128 x = about 16.75 Therefore, we can say that 16.75 fluid ounces of olive oil weighs about one pound.

Which shows a correct order to solve this story problem The Daisy Bakery used 263.2 pounds of flour in 4 weeks. The Tulip Bakery used 210.4 pounds of flour in 4 weeks. How much flour did the two baker?

um.........b or d

What accurately shows the correct terms for the two sides of a chemical equation correctly placed to the left of to the right where they belong and also shows the correct symbol?


What shows a correct way to calculate mechanical advantage?

Nothing on the list of choices you sent with the question shows that.

Is it correct to say figure shows or shown in figure?


How do you spell exibits?

The correct spelling is "exhibits" (shows, displays).

Which shows the correct order or organization from smallest to largest?


When does a chemical equation is balanced when it shows?

a balanced equation shows the correct proportion and mole/grams of the reactants involved....

Which of these shows the correct sequence of development?

Cells → tissues → organs → systems

Is 'proficient in' grammatically correct?

Yes. You can also say "shows proficiency in"

Which picture shows the correct graph of x2 equals 100?

a dot

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If a test of the model shows that it holds 8000 ounces will the bridge hold 1 ton?


How do you convert CGPA to percentage for btech student?

6.65÷ 10 × 100 = 66.5%The above calculation shows how to convert a CGPA of 6.65 out of 10 to a percentage.

What is the big shows current size?

6 foot 2 420 pounds

Does losing 4 pounds shows us thin?

It depends how much you weigh for example 156-4 pounds equals 152 pounds= 69kg (rounded off)

What are experiments designed for?

The prediction will be highly probable if the experiment shows the explanation is correct.

What is the cause of speedometer either shows 0 or the correct speed?

Because it Works?

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Yes, if the defendant says and shows he/she is guilty.

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That is the correct spelling of shower (bath) or shower (one who shows).

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Which model of a hydrocarbon shows the geometry of the molecule?

The correct answer is: The ball-and-stick model.

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