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Q: Which substance reacts violently with water?
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Related questions

What element is a silver grey metallic substance that burns skin and reacts violently with water?


Is silicon tetrachloride soluble in water?

umm it reacts violently in water. so it may be "soluble" but it reacts rather violently

Which element reacts violently with water?


Rubidium reacts violently with which element?


What does Cesium act violently with?

Cesium reacts violently with water, oxygen and the halogens

Does water react with sodium?

Yes, sodium reacts violently with water.

What does lithium react with?

Lithium reacts vigorously (but not violently) with water.

What happens to potassium in water?

It reacts violently, fizzes about on the surface and then: BOOM!!!

What is the chemical reaction of potassium?

Potassium reacts violently and swiftly water.

What is Na the symbol for?

Sodium, a silvery metal that reacts violently to water.

Is na2o aqueous?

no it reacts violently with water and forms NaOH which is aq

What reacts the most violently with water periodic table?

These are the alkali metals.

Is sodium metal stored under water?

no way! sodium reacts violently with water

When sodium reacts violently with water is it physical or chemical property?

chemical property

Does sodium react?

Yes, it reacts with the oxygen in the air and water very violently.

Which periodic table group reacts violently with water?

halogens or alkali metals

Which reacts first in water copper or iron?

None of them act violently with water, but the answer is Iron because Copper only reacts with dilute acids.

What is a sentence using the word violently?

The element sodium in its pure state reacts violently with water. The rodeo rider was violently thrown off the bull and into the wall.

How is the way the element sodium reacts with water different from the way the compound sodium chloride reacts with water?

Sodium reacts violently with water, while sodium chloride (or table salt) dissolves in water.

Is sodium metal kept in oil for safe storage but reacts violently with water?

it is stored in metal to stop it from wearing away and it does act violently with water, but not to bad

This substance reacts with water as lithium?


What reacts quickly with water and acids?

The alkali metals violently react with water and acids as Na and K.

What are the chemical properties of radium?

Ra is the chemical name. Radium reacts violently with water.

If metal reacts violently with water in which group is it likely to be found?

mixed metals group. (:

What happens when potassium is put in water?

It reacts violently releasing heat and hydrogen gas