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Which 4 footballers have won the premier league along with he champions league and have also been relegated from the premier league before?


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ajax champions league,

inter uefa cup

arsenal league

west bromwich relegated

currently plays Portsmouth


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They have never been relegated from the Premier Leauge, But they were relegated 2 years before the Premier Leauge

Andy cole Dwight yorke AndersonNicky Butt and Nwankwo Kanu.Andy Cole won the Champions League and Premier League with Manchester United but was never relegated from the Premier League.Nwankwo Kanu won the Champions League with Ajax and The Premiership with Arsenal before he got relegated from the Premiership while he was at West Bromich Albion.Nicky Butt won a Champions League medal with Manchester United and he won the Premier League with Manchester United, He was relegated whilst playing with Newcastle United.carrick, butt, teddy, berg, Irwin, kanu, yorke, greening, cole

they have been relegated before the change of English top division football.they never been relegated in premier league...

In 1993, Marseille won the Champions League and got relegated at the end of the 1993-1994 league. This was however a penalty for bribing some players of Valenciennes the week before the Champions League rather than a regular relegation

Manchester City played in the inaugural Premier League season in 1992-93, and played for four seasons before being relegated. Having spent a further four years out of the top division, they spent one more year in the Premier League before once again being relegated. After being promoted once again at the first attempt, they have played in every Premier League season since 2002-03.

Amazingly, Arsenal is the only major team in the world to not get relegated in any forms. This fact is not known by many and people will thought that Manchester United has not been relegated before. However, Manchester has been relegated in the 75/76 season!

Oh yes Juventus has been relegated before in 2006 for match fixing with referees. All the Italian clubs have been relegated before, including A.C. Milan. Only Inter Milan have never been relegated, either by points or scandals.

There was a time in history when Arsenal football club was relegated. This was back in 1913. This is the only time that the club has suffered relegation.

YES. It has happened once in their entire history.

the clubs who have never been relegated are FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao.

Many footballers belonging to a region where Catholicism is practised a lot are most likely to be Catholics. When you watch a football match, footballers who make cross signs before a match are Catholics. There certainly arent few. Many Brazilian and Italian footballers are Catholic.

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He scored a volley in a 7-1 home win for Chelsea over huddersfield in the carling cup a few years back. He has not however scored in the premier league or the champions league

Premier League started in the decade before the 2000 . Liverpool has always been in the premier league

nowhere he didnt play in the premier league before he came to united

Morris Lemma was premier before Nathan Rees took over on 5 September 2008.

He played for Newcastle united and left just before they got relegated

No Tottenham have never won the CHampions LEague. They have qualified only once.

Some athletes and footballers point up before a game or a race

Man United, and leeds won the last title before the premier league. Only Arsenal Blackburn Chelsea and Man U have won the premier league.

European Champion Clubs' Cup.

Yes, Barcelona have won the European Cup once before it became the Champions League. Interestingly, it was the very last year before it got renamed i.e they won in 1992.

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