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Ethiopia and Liberia are the only African countries that were never colonized. It's true that the American Colonization Society BOUGHT land in Liberia to settle free slaves but there was no white rule. And 95% of the population are native Africans who have, at no point in history, been under white rule.

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Q: Which African countries were never colonized?
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What 2 African countries were never colonized?

Ethiopia and Liberia

African countries colonized by Italy?

The African countries colonized by Italy were Libya, Somalia, and Eritrea. Ethiopia was occupied, but not colonized by Italy.

How many countries have never been colonized?

Thailand, only one country in South East Asia has never been colonized.( wrong answer) ETHIOPIA the only African country never been colonized.

Which African countries were colonised?

Almost all the African countries were colonized by European nations. Liberia and Ethiopia were the only countries that were not colonized.

Are there any African countries that have not been colonized if so by who its name and when?

Ethiopia was occupied for five years, but there was constant guerrilla warfare taking place, which means it was never colonized. Liberia was never colonized also.

What two African countries were not colonized?

Ethopia and Liberia.

Why was Siam colonized?

Siam was never colonized, it was the only East Asian country to not be colonized by European countries.

What African countries were colonized by Portugal?

Guinea, Angola, and Mozambique.

List of African Countries that were colonized?

Great abyssinia(ethiopia)

When was France colonized?

France never was the colony of another country - but it colonized other countries.

African country that was never colonized by a European power?


What countries have never been colonized?

Nepal and Sweden.

What two African countries were not colonized by European powers?

Ethiopia and Liberia

Which African countries was colonized by Italy?

Somalia, Eritrea, and western Libya.

What country colonized there and why?

It is hard to tell what country colonized there and why since there are no specifics. However, most African countries were colonized by Western countries. The main reason was the resources available among other factors.

Which countries were colonized in Africa?

Every present-day African country except for Ethiopia was colonized at some point in their history.

Is Brazil the only coutry that was colonized by Portugal?

No, Portugal colonized some African countries and some Asian lands as well.

By 1900 only which two African countries had not been colonized?

the congo and ethiopia

Which African countries did Holland colonize?

Holland colonized...I'm not sure actually

Are there any countries in Africa which are still colonized?

No that is ridiculous. There are no more African colonies.

What countries in Asia were never colonized?

Nepal is the only country in the world and in the asia Which never got colonized or invaded or conquered or ruled by other nations

Countries that colonized African countries?

United Kingdom France Portugal Spain Belgium Germany Italy Netherlands

What African Nations were colonized by the European Nation England?

Most of the countries south of the Sahara

What African countries were colonized by European countries?

Almost every African country was at some time colonised by a foreign power. Liberia was possibly the only exception.

What name is given to African countries that were not colonised?

There was only one country that was never colonized: Ethiopia. Every other colony in Africa (including Liberia) was colonized at one point or another. As a result, there is no name given to this collection of one country.

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