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Which Amendment extended voting rights to women?


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The 19th. In 1920, I believe.

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The 19th amendment guaranteed women voting rights.

womenThe 19th Amendment protects the voting rights ofWOMEN. :)

When voting rights were extended to citizens who previously did not have voting rights, there was more pluralism in the US. When the 19th Amendment was passed in 1920, the votes granted to women expanded the numbers of people voting in the US.

the 19th amendment protects to voting of women

The 19th amendment gave women voting rights.

The 19th amendment extended the voting rights to women. The 15th amendment ensured the right to vote no matter a persons race. The 26th amendment gave any citizen over 18 the right to vote.

19th- giving the vote to women

protects the voting rights of women of any shape or size

The state of Wyoming granted women voting rights in 1890. Several other states, such as Oregon and Colorado, had granted voting rights to women before the 19th Amendment.

The 19th amendment gave women voting rights, also called Sufferage.

It gave the right to vote to women. The Nineteenth Amendment prohibits sex discrimination in voting, therefore it guaranteed voting rights for both men and women.

To give equal voting rights to women. Congress did not enact that amendment or any other. The STATES amended the Constitution to allow female voting.

IN 1920 with the passage of the 19th amendment women were given voting rights.

All women got the right to vote in 1920, over 130 years after the Framers signed the Constitution. The Amendment that gave them that right was the 19th Amendment.

There were a few amendments that extended civil rights in the United States. Amendments 1-10 established most civil rights, the 13th ended slavery, the 14th amendment required equal protection and rights under law, the 15th amendment banned denying equal rights based on race, and the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote.

No. Women got voting rights from the 19th amendment. the 14th stated that no one could be denied citizenship because of race, religion, etc. (used to give African Americans citizenship).

Wrong. The voting rights in Israel are the same for men and women.

They said that its not fair for all males to vote and women not to vote.

The 15th gave voting rights to former slaves, but it didn't give the same rights to black and white women. It isn't until the 19th amendment is passed in the 1920's that women of all colors will get the right to vote.

No..after 2...3. year later women hv voting rights

in 1918, the House passed the 19th amendment, which gave women full voting rights. the Senate approved the amendment in 1919. in 1920, the states ratified it.

In the United States, women were able to vote if they met the property restrictions in New Jersey from 1776 to 1807, the state then disenfranchised them. The right to vote was established in Wyoming Territory in 1869. After that several other territories and states gave women voting rights. Suffrage was extended to all women in the country in 1920. In the UK, women got the same voting rights as men in 1928. There is a link below.

Women had voting rights by 1950, although there were still restrictions that were abolished by the 1970s.

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