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Which American general was fired for publicly criticizing President Truman?

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General Douglas MacArthur. Wikipedia has a very good article on him.

True. General Douglas MacArthur accused Truman of preventing him from bombing supply depots.

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Why did President Truman remove General MacArthur from command of US troops in Korea?

MacArthur made the very bad choice of publicly criticizing US foreign and military policy. He worked for President Truman and should have known better.

What American generals was fried for publicaly criticizing president Truman?

This would be General MacArthur. He was not happy the way the Korean War was being handled.

Why was General MacArthur replaced?

He publicly disagreed with President Truman's Korean War Policy.

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How did the American public view general MacAruthur after president Truman fired him?

They saw him as a hero

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