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Princess Marie Therese von Hohenberg of Austria.

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Was Princess truly a commoner Wasn't she Lady Spenser?

She was from an aristocratic basically no she was not a commoner.

Does Princess Catherine come from royalty?

Princess Catherine is a commoner, but I did no research on it. I just saw the headlines of the news when her and Prince William got married. It said Commoner Kate is marrying Prince William.

Who was last commoner to marry British royalty?

Yes, Diana was a commoner, but she was hardly the last one to marry a British royal. That would be Princess Beatrice's husband, Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi. She is royal; he is not.

Do princesses really have to marry princes?

No. Princess Margaret didn't Princess Anne didn't .... a commoner 'can' become a princess if they marry a prince, but a woman who was born a princess does not 'have to' marry a prince.

Whose next-to-last movie The Swan was about a princess in love with a commoner?

Grace Kelly

How do you put the word pricess in a sentence?

If you mean priceless - The antique was so valuable it was priceless. If you mean princess - The princess married a commoner and infuriated her father the king.

How can you use commoner in a sentence?

He was naught but a commoner. The Prince married a commoner. I am a commoner. Commoner refers to the regular masses of people without rank or elevated status.

Was Princess Diana a commoner?

Technically, yes. Princess Diana was considered a commoner. This, however, does not tell the whole story about her ancestry. Her father at her birth was a Viscount and became an Earl. Her mother was also a member of the aristocracy. Because of these Diana was a relative of the royal family through her descent of Charles II (who had many illegitimate children).

What is Princess Kate's full name?

Kate Middleton is not a princess. Her family is not royalty, and carry no titles, so she is referred to as a "commoner". Once she married William, she carries the title of Dutchess of Cambridge.

What is a Roman commoner?

A roman commoner was a pleb

How old is the princess of Spain?

The daughters of Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia are titled "Infanta". The older is 47 and the younger is 45. The Princess of Asturias is the wife of the Prince of Asturias who is heir to throne. She was born a commoner.

Was Princess Diana royalty before she married Charles?

Princess Diana was not royalty before she got married. She was considered a commoner but was the daughter of the Earl Spencer and was a direct (though illegitimate) descendant of Charles II

Is katheleen middleton a commoner?

No. Kate Middleton is not a commoner, she is the duchess of Cambridge.

What happens if a royal or noble marries a commoner of another nationality?

It is dependent upon the country in which the marriage takes place. In most countries today, there are no laws against marriage between a royal and commoner. For example, if a prince married a commoner girl, she would still be a princess and their children princes and princesses. In most European countries, a princess does not pass her princely status on, no matter who she marries, but if she marries a commoner, he will usually be made a duke, count, etc. and their children will be lords or ladies and be in line for the throne. In royal countries which are less modern, men can still marry commoners but princesses must marry within the royal family or their children will have nothing. For example, Princess Sayako of Japan lost her title, allowance and all other royal vestiges because she married a commoner and the law says that will happen if she marries outside of the family, which princesses always do. Basically, as far as Europe is concerned, there is no issue

Is Prince William a commoner?

Prince William is of royal blood, hence, not a commoner.

What was a commoner in Roman society?

"Commoner" is a term for all non-aristocratic people, both rich and poor. In ancient Rome, the word for commoner was plebs or plebeian.

What is the Tagalog of commoner?

Tagalog translation of commoner:taong may mababang estado sa buhay

Why was Diana princess but not Kate Middleton?

This is because Kate was a commoner. While it had been tooted before Diana got married that she was a commoner she actually was the daughter of a Earl and herself was styled "Lady Diana Frances Spencer" before the wedding. She could also claim royal descent as she was the direct descendant of Charles II from several of his illegitimate children. Kate however actually was a commoner even though there is specualtion that she is actually a descentant of Henry VIII (via the daughter he had with Anne Boleyn's sister Mary.) Therefore she herself is not eligible to be styled Princess Catherine and why she is refered to simply as Duchess of Cambridge

What if Prince William marries a commoner?

Prince William married Miss Catherine Middleton (a commoner) on 29 April 2011. In British law, strictly speaking, a commoner is anyone who is neither the monarch (King/Queen) nor a peer (Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount or Baron/Lord.) Prince William was a commoner before he was made a Duke; Prince Harry still is a commoner.

What is Princess Diana's name... princess of...?

When she was born, as the daughter of a viscount, she was called the Hon Diana Frances Spencer, and when her father inherited the earldom she became Lady Diana Frances Spencer: she was born an aristocrat but a non-Royal and therefore a commoner. When she married Prince Charles, she was called Her Royal Highness Diana, Princess of Wales. When she divorced Prince Charles, she became Diana, Princess of Wales.

What rhymes with commoner?


What is the antonym for prince?

A commoner.

Was the Queen's mother a commoner?


What happened to the Swedish kings daughter this week?

She got engaged to be married to a "commoner"! She got engaged to be married to a "commoner"!

Why Princess Diana was princess?

She was a Princess because she married Prince Charles and she was of Royal blood. She was a Lady. That's the best answer this American can give off me head. Any Brits know better? Diana was not of royal blood, although she came from a titled family. She was technically a commoner (an irrelevant matter in any case); on marrying a prince a woman is given the title of Princess. Similarly, Kate Middleton is now known as Princess Catherine, as well as her title of Duchess of Cambridge.