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Sri Lanka has the most number of holidays. It has 25 public holidays and most of the offices and other institutions don't function on weekends. But now a new rule is emerging to increase the working hours and to decrease the number of holidays.

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Q: Which Country has the most public holidays in the world?
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Which country has most public holidays?

Cambodia has 27 public holidays in 2013.

Is every Brazilian holiday celebrated worldwide?

Most Brazilian holidays are not celebrated across the world. Most of the holidays of any given country are not celebrated by every country. Every country has some of their own holidays.

Which state in Australia has the most public holidays?

Currently, South Australia has the most, with 13 public holidays. See the related link below.

Most loved country in the world?

I think that the most loved country would be spain because every year at least 800,000 people vist there for the holidays!!

What would happen if the world had no patriotism?

the world would have confusion and every country would be the same because most holidays and festivals are based on patriotism.

Where online can one find listings of US public holidays?

One can find a list of US public holidays on official government websites. The website will list all the holidays for the upcoming year with the day and date . Most home calendars will also list all the "bank" holidays on them as well.

What country has the most public libraries?

According to the 2010 IFLA World Report, China has the most public libraries (approximately 51,311). This number, however, was noted to be significantly higher than what was previously reported. If, in fact, this number is incorrect, then the country with the most public libraries would be Russia, who has over 46,000.

What country has the world's largest fleet of public transport bus?

Most likely the United States.

What holidays are celebrated in Europe?

there are too many different holidays celebrated in Europe but one that is in common with most of the country's in Europe is Christmas.

Where is the most popular place for holidays in Turkey?

The most popular place for holidays in the country of Turkey are the cities of Istanbul, the capital city Ankara, and many other cities located in Turkey.

How do people in Canada celebrate Christmas?

Canada is a country where most of the population are followers of the Christian faith. Christmas in Canada is celebrated by holidays from work, attending church services, decorations in homes and public buildings and the exchange of gifts.

What festivals do Chinese people bring to a different country when they immigrate?

The Chinese still celebrate most of their holidays. They may keep it to themselves or visit family and friends who are in their area/country. Most of the more popular holidays they continue to celebrate regardless of where they are in the world may include: Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, National Day or Independence Day (depending on what country they are originally from), and/or Dragon Boat Festival.

Where can one find information on holidays in GOA?

There are lots of websites on the internet with information about GOA and holidays there. The most important for holidays no matter in which country or region is to look up if there are special requirements to travel in.

What country is the most industrialized country in the world?

The Most Industrialized country in the World is.........................................................Japan.

What are Ireland's most popular holidays?

There are 9 popular public holidays in Ireland. These are New Year's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Easter Monday, Labour Day, Christmas Day, St. Stephen's Day, and the June, August, and October Holidays.

Do veterinarians work on public hoildays?

Yes, along with nights and weekends. However, most veterinarians will try to get some holidays off during the year, and the clinics are generally not open for routine appointments on the major public holidays. If an emergency happens, though, a veterinarian is on call and will respond.

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Pakistan is the most corrupted country in the world

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which country is the most litifious?

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4:20 & Chanukah

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Which religion has the most holidays?