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I own all three of the extended versions, and as far as i know it offers the most extras.


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The theatrical editions of The Lord of the Rings trilogy were officially released April 6, 2010.The Extended Editions of The Lord of the Rings trilogy were released June 28, 2011.

Nine hours relitavely for the theatrical releases, for the extended editions, about 11 and a half hours

Fellowship of the Ring -178 min | 208 min (special extended edition) The Two Towers - 179 min | 223 min (special extended edition) Return of the King - 201 min | 251 min (extended edition) Without the extended editions, the movies last 9.3 hours. The extended editions of the movies last 11.3 hours. I calculated it at the back of my LOD DVD collection.

No, he dies in the first one though he is seen at various times in flashback in the extended editions of both the second and third movies.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition) is 223 minutes .

A litte more than 20.000 only 114 speaking roles

The author is C. S. Lewis. The original editions were illustrated by Pauline Baynes, who also illustrated for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series. Some of the different editions have different illustrators.

About 12 hours if the movies are extended version

thothousands including extras... There is probably around twenty that I can think of right now,

This varies depending on the print and edition, but most editions give a total of 1000-1500 pages.

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to observe a clear difference between dark and light fringes

The Fellowship of the Ring, Extended Edition = 208 minutes The Two Towers, Extended Edition = 223 minutes The Return of the King, Extended Edition = 251 minutes Total running time = 682 minutes, or 11 hours, 22 minutes

The rings may formd but the lack of intensity of light,the dark and light rings are not vissiable very well..

Yes, but not in person but as 'The Mouth of Sauron,' a (extended edition) deleted scene.

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The Extended edition of the lord of the ring movies has extra scenes, music, and lines. The platinum version does not have this. There is about 30 minutes of extra scenes in each movie. Sometimes the information in the Extended version helps you understand it more. With the extended version the movie is alot more like the book.

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The regular running-time overall is 558 minutes. The extended edition is 683 minutes long.

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