Which Disney movies had fortune tellers?

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I have not seen every Disney movie ever created, but I have seen the majority. I do not remember many fortune tellers other then in The Princess and the Frog.
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Who sang the song fortune teller?

Answer . The Rolling Stones sang a song with 'fortune teller' in it in the 60's, not sure of the title, but it could be fortune teller. "I went to the fortune teller, to have my fortune read..." So that wouldbe Mick Jagger

How do you make a fortune teller out of paper?

All you need to construct a paper fortune teller is a square piece of paper. The steps are as follows:. Fold the paper into fourths . Unfold the paper . Fold over the four corners, evenly into the middle . Fold into fourths again . Flip over the paper . Fold over the corners on the new side of ( Full Answer )

How do you make fortune tellers?

First you need to get a square sheet of paper (Must be right angles)... You fold the paper in to four boxes. Then you get a corner at the top of the paper and bring the corner to the center of the paper. Do that with al of the sides. Once you have finished that, flip the paper over, you will see fou ( Full Answer )

Are fortune tellers real?

of course every time iv been to see one the things he told me were all true.

What kind of people are fortune tellers?

Fortune-tellers are all kinds of people. Young; old; male; female; talented; intuitive; from all ethnic, social-economic, religious and geographical groups. Some are born to it, learning at their mothers' knees, others study to learn the techniques and intricacies. There are ethical and unethical pe ( Full Answer )

Can I believe in Chinese fortune teller?

You can but if what you are told comes to pass it will either be by coincidence, or what you are told will happen because it follows Murphy's Law i.e "If a things is going to happen it will". Fortune telling, reading palms and tea leaves. Witch doctors and self professed prophets practice what is ca ( Full Answer )

How do you make a fortune teller?

First get an A4 piece of paper then fold corner until it meets the other side.Fold other corner up till it meets the other side,after that cut of the triangle at the top.Unfold it and place it printed side down you should now have a square.Fold up all 4 corners so that the points meet the middle.Fli ( Full Answer )

How does a fish fortune teller work?

The fortune fish teller works because of the mostiure in you hand. Depending on how much mostiure is in you hand when you press the fortune fish into it is which way the fish will curl. This works because the fish is made out of a polymer that grabs water molecules. To see a more in-depth answer see ( Full Answer )

Are fortune tellers compleatly true?

No, their are not completely true, Sometimes they just bluff and make money. and also your future is not like a one road that your future never change, no matter how small you change your mind your whole future change.

Where is the fortune teller tent in Neopets?

\nGo to Mystery Island and in the top left-hand corner there is a place called Island Mystic. Click on it. It will take you to the fortune teller.

What are fortune tellers?

fortune tellers are just like gypsies but the only difference is that fortune tellers can tell your future

What is a medieval fortune teller?

A fortune teller in medieval times predicted people's futures. Theyare often used as a form of entertainment.

Why did they invent fortune tellers?

Fortune telling has been around pretty much as long as mankind has been able to talk. As a group humans are inquisitive about their surroundings and how they interact within them. The original fortune tellers were most likely asked to for tell the movement of game animals, the weather patterns of an ( Full Answer )

Is it a sin to consult a fortune teller?

Your Goodwisher To consult a fortune teller is not a sin but due to balanced and improving life one should not go to the fortune teller. By doing this one can be self-dependent and self-confident. You must take the responsibilities of your failure and as well as your success. Just be thankful of go ( Full Answer )

What is the euphemism of fortune teller?

Scryer; Seer; Caster of stones/bones; Cybil; are all general terms. Cartographer - reader of cards. Tassographer - reader of tea leaves Palmist - reader of palms Psychometer - reader of the possessions of others Hydromancer - one who reads the future in a bowl of water

Who invented fortune tellers?

The paper fortune teller, or 'cootie catcher,' is a piece of origami. The art form of origami was introduced to Japan by China during the Edo period (1600-1868). During this period, origami was recognized as formal paper designs used at weddings, with haikus inserted inside for entertainment. It is ( Full Answer )

What has Macbeth have to do with a fortune teller?

Shakespeare uses the witches as a plot device to change Macbeth's fortune. The length and outcome of one's life (destiny) is predetermined by external forces. In Macbeth , the Witches represent this influence. The play makes an important distinction: Fate may dictate what will be, but how that de ( Full Answer )

Are fortune tellers actually correct?

Yes. Sheer chance and the VAST number of people who consult some sort of fortune teller (astrologist, card reader, palmist, etc) means that at least ONCE in a while one of them will be right.

Is there such thing as a fortune teller?

Fortune tellers certainly exist in that people who claim to be able to predict the future exist, but there is no hard evidence that suggests that these people can predict the future more accurately than the average person. Some recent experiments have shown that humans' brains can respond to stimul ( Full Answer )

How to make a fortune teller?

1. You need a piece of paper (construction paper works best) that is an exact square. 2. Fold all the corners of the paper in so that they are touching. 3. Then do the same thing except this time fold the corners outward 4. Then fold it in half 5. Stick both thumbs and first fingers into the slots a ( Full Answer )

What does a Fortune teller look like?

Like anyone else might look. We are humans too. We are just moreopen to messages from the spirit world or the "universal energies"(God, angels, etc.).

Is there an online fortune teller?

You can get a wizards of Waverly place fortune teller by playing the Wizard wid web game. Or the normal way, a horoscope but I doubt any are true.

How do you spell fortune teller?

That is the correct spelling for "fortune teller" also known as a medium, a psychic, or a clairvoyant.

Are fortune tellers scary?

yes, i think they r i have been to one but really can't remember i was small. Fortune tellers in movies and books tend to be portrayed as being scary, however, most of the real ones are just ordinary people. When I work reading palms, tea-leaves and cards, I often receive clients in jeans and a ( Full Answer )

What is The Fortune Teller Fish made out of?

The Fortune Teller Fish is made of the same chemical used in disposable diapers, sodium polyacrylate. Sodium polyacrylate will grab onto water molecules that it touches, changing the shape of the molecule. As the molecules change shape, so does the shape of the fish. If you submerge the fish in wate ( Full Answer )

What would you put in a fortune teller?

You will get an "A" on a test. . You will be rich. . Good fortune will be yours. . You will have many friends. . Do a good deed today. . Someone will call you today. . You will go to a party soon. . Be careful on Tuesday. . You will have very good luck today.

Do fortune tellers actually work?

Actually, fortune tellers do work. They have fortune cards and parrot. The cards are faced down. The parrot pick out a card and tell your fortune. The parrot determine your fortune. But some people who are not fortune tellers disguise themselves as fortune tellers. Beware of this! These people che ( Full Answer )

What is a male fortune teller called?

A Male Fortune teller is called a Witch because they are skilled in occult arts, fortune telling, conjuring, or an astronomer.

What to write in paper fortune tellers?

There is a lot of things you could put in a paper fortune teller. Just pick your category and there ya go! Humor: You will be terrified of pickles until one day, one will come to you and say " I love you sweetie" Then you will live happily ever after. Love: You will meet your true love at a cake s ( Full Answer )

What fortunes do you put in a fortune teller?

any thing you want really Good/Bad . You will die socially in 2 days-- (bad) . Your boyfriend/girlfriend will dump you in a week-- (bad) . You will be stuck in a pile of homework for a month-- (bad) . You will get in trouble at home/school-- (bad) . When you are older, you will hav ( Full Answer )

Are fortune tellers fake?

In the Bible: Book of Deuteronomy, there is a reference to fortune-telling in the Book of Isaiah (8:19). In this verse, people are encouraged to turn to God in order to find answers to their questions about the future, rather than to witches and mediums. New Testament references are also availabl ( Full Answer )

Why would a fortune teller not read you?

they are probably not real fortune tellers because a real fortune teller would read you even if they "see" something "bad" in your "future".

How do you dress up as a fortune teller?

To dress as a real fortune teller, where your everyday clothes, we don't look any different than anyone else. To dress up as a fortune teller (from fiction or as a costume): A woman would wear, one or more long flowing skirts in bright colors (lots of reds, blues and purples), a white blouse w ( Full Answer )

What do fortune tellers look at?

There are a large number of ways to tell fortunes, below please find a list of some of them. Cardomancy - using playing cards. Tassography - using tea leaves or coffee grounds. Oniromancy - interpreting dreams Numerology - the numbers in your life and their effect Astrology - the plac ( Full Answer )

When was Fortune Teller written?

There are a number of "Fortune Teller" titles and as I do not knowwhich of them you refer to I have include all I could find. The Fortuneteller - the 14th episode of book 1: Water of Avatar:the Last Airbender - September 2005 The Fortune Tellers - Picture Puffin Books by Lloyd Alexander &Trina Sch ( Full Answer )

What to put on a paper fortune teller?

You and everyone else will die in 2034 is one thing to put on a paper fortune teller. You will make a new friend tomorrow is another one

How can one make a fortune teller?

These easy steps will teach you how to make a fortune teller. First of all, a square piece of paper is needed and folded into fourths. The next step is unfold the paper and fold over the corners evenly into the middle. After that step is completed, fold the paper into fourths again and flip over t ( Full Answer )

Where can an online fortune teller be found?

There are various ways that one can be able to find or locate a fortune teller. Magazines and even some newspapers often publish contacts of fortune tellers. Some television channels also provide this information.

What did Victorian fortune tellers do?

For all their propriety the Victorias like their entertainments toinclude a bit of mystery. At most society functions you would find people who would read yourfortune in the tea leaves, the fall of dice, the lines of yourhand, or the bumps on your head. It was not uncommon for a hostess to hire a " ( Full Answer )

What were the headlines after a midget fortune teller?

This is one of those jokes that needs a proper straight line to facilitate the punch line. I believe your question should be: What were the headlines after a midget fortune teller escaped police custody? The answer you are expecting would be: Short Medium at Large.