Which DoD Regulation 5240.1-R procedure governing the activities of DoD intelligence that affect US persons covers electronic surveillance?

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C: Procedure #5
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Required for dod to spend money?

The Department of Defense or the DoD is only able to spend theamount of money the Congress appropriates. The DoD requests aspecific budget each year.

What is a word that starts with dod but not dodecagon?

Other than the geometric terms (dodecagon, dodecahedron), the simplest ones would be "dodo" (an extinct flightless bird) and words using "dodge". . Other Unusual words : . dodder, dodderer, doddery (similar to "to totter", or to tremble) . dodecaphony, -ics, -ist, -ism (related to 12-tone music ( Full Answer )

What does dod derned mean?

i bet u anything Victoria wrote this question. lol if im right and its Victoria's post, i jus wanna say good try but ur not gonna find the answer here. good luck i looked everywhere. i thin Mr.Genova just made that up =]

Which is a DOD telecommuting guideline?

A few DOD telecommuting guidelines are DOD managers are required tosay who is eligible, and employees and their supervisors arerequired to sign a telework agreement. Telework is known astelecommuting with the DOD.

What is a federal police officer with DOD?

A Federal Police Officer also know as 083 Police Officer as a position identifier is a uniformed Police Officer that patrols DOD property. A Police Officer on DOD property issues summons and arrests for crimes that have taken place. Since there is no Federal traffic laws, the Police Officers enforce ( Full Answer )

What is a dod police officer?

DOD is Department of Defense. DOD Police are civilian police assigned to work on DOD installations.

Proper use of email in the DoD system?

The proper use of email in the DoD system is for officialcommunication. This may be used for writing solicitations and somuch more.

What dod Tad poles eat?

They eat algae and other microscopic life in nature. But if you can feed them fish food, egg yolk, and baby cereal.

What are some activities that the government regulates?

\nHere is a page that shows the budgets of all the federal cabinet departments. Over 4 million people work for the executive branch of govt. If you look at each cabinet, you will see the affairs they are responsible for. \nhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Federal_Executive_Departments

How does the government regulation affects the economy?

It would have been more apt, if it is reworded as How does the government regulation affect market economy. In a controlled economy, government decides what its economy should be and hence has no relevance. In a market economy, the fundamental aspect of Choice and freedom... This enables producti ( Full Answer )

Why does DOD use blue or black ink?

So it can be photocopied or scanned easier and clearly. also some DOD documents are edited or notated with different colored inks and it would cause confusion.

As defined by DoD 5240.1-R a US person is defined as?

A U.S. person is defined as: . U.S. citizen . An alien known by the DoD intelligence component concerned tobe a Permanent Resident Alien of the U.S. . An Unincorporated Association Substantially Composed of U.S.Citizens or Permanent Resident Aliens, or U.S. Corporation that isNot Controlled by ( Full Answer )

Why dod they send rockets to the moon?

Rockets were sent to the moon for observation of atmosphericmolecules. It also aimed to further understand what resources canbe found on the moon.

DOD policy regarding trafficking in Persons?

Deter activities by DoD personnel and contractors that facilitate or support TIP. Oppose prostitution and forced labor or related activities that contribute to TIP. Maintain a zero tolerance policy.

Can DoD civilians use regular fee passports on official travel?

Sure they can. The US issues at least 3 types of passports. Blue (regular) passports. Red (official business) passports, and Black (diplomatic) passports. DoD civilians often choose to travel overseas on their personal blue passport, because they wouldn't necessarily want folks to know they are a Go ( Full Answer )

What are primary functions of the US Marine Corps according to DOD Directive 5100?

Conduct prompt and sustained combat operations at sea, including sea-based and land-based aviation, Provide detachments and organizations to serveon armed vessells of the navy and provide security detachments fornaval stations and bases. Organize, equip, and provide Marine Corps forces to conduct ( Full Answer )

What is dod modal?

The TCP/IP model is a description framework for computer network protocols created in the 1970s by DAR PA, an agency of the United States Department of Defense. It evolved from ARRANT, which was the world's first wide area network and a predecessor of the Internet. The TCP/IP Model is sometimes call ( Full Answer )

Are dod instruction under DIACAP?

DIACAP is DoD Instruction 8510.01. In that respect, SOME DoD instructions fall under DIACAP, but most DoD instructions have nothing to do with DIACAP.

What is the DOD definition of terrorism?

It is defined as: "The unlawful use of violence or threat of violence to instill fear and coerce governments or societies. Terrorism is often motivated by religious, political, or other ideological beliefs and committed in the pursuit of goals that are usually political."

What dod the cold war ended?

December 1991, the USSR was formally dissolved, however, the fall of the communist regime happened between November and December 1889 in many of the Baltic states.

What does the DoD considers a PED?

I take it you mean Day Of Deafeat? (great game!) a ped is a pedestrian, just like in the real world. To put it more basically, a person, such as characters on the game are peds, AKA NPC (non player controlled) example: GTA 4, Roman is an NPC, Dardan is an NPC, and so on!

How does the age of a person affect their intelligence?

The age of a person affects their intelligence like this. Generally, unless you maybe have a special need or a disability, the older you get, the more of the world you see. For instance, it's common knowledge that an average 40 year old is going to be WAY more mentally and socially developed than ( Full Answer )

What is the dod 5400 11-r?

DoD 5400-11R is the 14 May 2007 version of the Department ofDefense Privacy Act program.

What is the dod policy for packaging?

To afford the degree of protection required to prevent deterioration and damage during handling, shipment and storage.

How old is Lottie Dod?

Lottie Dod was born on September 24, 1871 and died on June 27, 1960. Lottie Dod would have been 88 years old at the time of death or 143 years old today.

What is the DoD regulation for HIPAA?

HIPPA under the DoD is covered by the following rules, regulations, laws, and legislation: . Public Health Service Act, 42 U.S.C. 242k(k) . Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, Public Law 104-191, 104th Congress . Title 45--Public Welfare, Subtitle A--Department of Healt ( Full Answer )

Is NASA part of DOD?

NASA (National Aeronautic and Space Administration) is not part of the DOD (Department Of Defence). However the DOD did fly a few missions aboard NASA space shuttle fleet.

Where does the surname Dod come from as in Dodson?

From the Middle English given name "Dodde, Dudde", from the Old English pre 7th Century personal byname "Dodda, Dudda", ultimately from a Germanic root "dudd, dodd", "something rounded", used to denote a short, rotund man, or possibly a bald one, from "dod", to make bare, cut off. .

Who is the administrator for the DoD SBIR?

The administrator for the DoD SBIR is Christopher S. Rinaldi. This company deals with small business innovation research and is in association with the army, the navy and the air force.

What can one do at DOD Emall website?

One will find that at the DOD EMALL website one can search for and order parts and supplies, and also receive stock out reports and supportability analysis. This site is for DOD and federal government customers to find finished goods and services from the commercial marketplace and government resou ( Full Answer )

When does the nipples of a dod go down?

The amount of time it takes for a dog's nipples to go down can vary greatly depending on a few different things. If the dog is around the puppies, it can take months before the teets shrink to normal size.

What dod you do if your gun misfires?

Keep gun aimed at target for at least 30 seconds. If it has not fired, clear the cartridge from the firearm, and reload a fresh cartridge.