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Kevin Lowe

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How scored the first Edmonton Oilers goal?

Kevin Lowe, assisted by Wayne Gretzky and Bret Callighen

Who scored first goal at the saddledome?

Jari Kurri of the Edmonton Oilers on October 15, 1983. The Oilers went on to win that game 4-3.

Edmonton Oilers first goal?

Was scored by Kevin Lowe vs the Chicago Blackhawks on October 10, 1979.

When did the Edmonton Oilers join the nhl?

The Edmonton Oilers first joined the National Hockey League (NHL) In 1979

Whene did Wayne Gretzky join Edmonton oilers?

The 'Great One's" first year with the Edmonton Oilers was the 1979-1980 season.

Who was the first European player to win the Lady Byng Award?

The first European to win the Lady Byng was Jari Kurri of the Edmonton Oilers in 1985.

What year did Craig MacTavish first coach the Oilers?

He was named the Head Coach of the Edmonton Oilers, June 22nd, 2000.

Wayne Gretzky's first NHL Game?

In 1979, as a member of the Edmonton Oilers.

What arena do the Edmonton Oilers play hockey?

The Edmonton Oilers have home team ice at Rexall Place (formerly The Northlands Coliseum) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It first opened on November 10, 1974 and and is one of the oldest arenas in the NHL.

Who got the first penalty for Edmonton Oilers?

Wayne Gretzky, 2 minute minor for slashing on Oct 10, 1979. It was the Oilers first regular season NHL game.

When did Gretzky play in his first NHL game?

On October 10th, 1979 as a member of the Edmonton Oilers.

What was the first team Edmonton Oilers were against for the Stanley Cup?

The 1983 New York Islanders, who would go on to beat the Oilers 4 games to 0.

Who was the first captain for the Edmonton Oilers?

Al Hamilton served as the Oilers' first captain from 1972-76 while members of the WHA. Ron Chipperfield was their first captain upon joining the NHL in 1979.

What team did Wayne Greztky play on in the NHL?

All I know is, he first payed on the NHL with the Edmonton Oilers.

Who did Wayne Gretzky play his first NHL game with?

WHA - Indianapolis Racers NHL - Edmonton Oilers

Why does the province of Edmonton play hockey?

First of All Edmonton is not a province, it is a city. And why do they play, the Edmonton Oilers play for the same reason any other NHL team plays. Hockey is a sport and it is entertaining to watch.

When did the NHL first award the Presidents trophy?

The President's Trophy was first awarded to the Edmonton Oilers in the 1985-86 season with 119 points.

What is Taylor Hall famous for?

Taylor Hall is famous for playing Ice Hockey for Canada. He is a left winger in NHL team playing for Edmonton Oilers. Taylor Hall is usually used to captain the team when the need arises. He first signed with Edmonton Oiler in 2010 as a professional player.

Was Riley Nash a first round draft pick by the Edmonton Oilers?

Yes, he was the 21st overall pick and the Oilers' third choice in the first round. They took Sam Gagner with the 6th overall choice and Alex Plante with the 15th overall choice.

What player scored the first nhl goal?

Dave Ritchie scored the first NHL goal.

Between 1980 and 1990 new york islanders and Edmonton oilers won how many Stanley cups?

9 New York Islanders - 4 Stanley Cups (1980, 1981, 1982, 1983) Edmonton Oilers - 5 Stanley Cups (1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990) These championships have been the only Stanley Cup wins for both franchises in their history. The Islanders defeated the Oilers in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1983, and the Oilers won their first Cup by defeating the Islanders in 1984.

Who was the first Edmonton Oiler inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Jacques Plante. He played for the Oilers in the WHA for one season in 1974-75 and was inducted into the hall of fame in 1978.

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