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Which European country has the most Muslims?

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Turkey - 95% Islam -60-70million people

Albania - 70% Islam Secular -3million people

Kosovo - 90 % Islam Secular- 2.1 million people

Bosnia & Herzegovina - 40% Islam- 3-6million

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Which European country has the highest number of Muslims?

Kosovo has the highest percentage of Muslims at 91.7%. France has the largest population of Muslims of any European country at 6.13 million people.

What European country was ruled by the Muslims?


What European country did Muslims take over?


In which European country did Muslims still have some control?

they controled Spain

What country has the most Muslims?

Indonesia has the most muslims.Muslims started Islam in the Arabian Peninsulia.India

Which country has the most Muslims?

Indonesia (over 200 million Muslims)

Which country populates the most Muslims?

Indonesia (~210 million Muslims)

Why does most of your knowledge of ancient Greece come from the Muslims?

Muslims maintained libraries, while European society struggled.

What Northern European country is the most densely populated?

Denmark is the most densely populated Northern European country.

What European country did the Muslims conquer?

It was France. It was because the battle of Tours of France. ______________________________________________________ Muslims Conquered what are called now Portugal and Spain and part of France

What country has the largest amount of Muslims in it?

Saudi Arabia forbids any non- Muslims to enter the country- which means that Saudi Arabia is most likely to have the most amount of Muslims. However, there are many countries in Africa and Asia that have many Muslims in too.

What is the Largest Muslim state?

The country with the largest percentage of Muslims in their population is Morocco with 99.9%. The country with the most Muslims is Indonesia with 204,847,000.

Where are most Muslims located?

As one country: most Muslims located in Indonesia. As and area: most Muslims located in the Indian subcontinent and south east of Asia. Muslims in the Middle East count only around 15% of world Muslims.

Where are the most Muslims in the world?

Indonesia has more Muslims than any other country in the world

What is the european country with the largest population?

Russia is the most populated European country. European Russia alone boasts over 110,000,000. However, disregarding Russia completely, Germany would be the most populated European country with over 82,000,000.

Which European country is farthest east Greece or Italy?

Neither. Russia is the most Eastern European country.

Which European city has the biggest proportion of Muslims living in it?

There are numerous European cities with 100% of the citizens being Muslim, found in places such as Albania, Kosovo, Turkey, etc. The largest European city with the most Muslims is Istanbul, by percentage and population.

What is a place of worship for European Muslims?

European Muslims, like every other Muslim, pray at mosques.

In what country do most Shiite Muslims live in?

Iraq and Iran

Which European country has the most bridges?

Germany has most bridges

Which European country has the most lakes in it?


What European country has the most borders?

Denmark ! :)

Which European country has the most volcanoes?


Is Spain a European country?

It most certainly is.

What European country has the most alcoholics?