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Which European culture is the most influential in Latin America?

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2011-12-16 23:02:50

I like when an American person asks a question and then another

American answers it. First of all the guy who asked the question

answered it right away what European culture is most influental in

Latin American the answer is well Latin culture what else. why do

you think Latin America is called that, because of mayans or aztecs

?? lol. Latin culture originated in Europe in the province of

Latium some 3000 years ago. and those same people or the original

Latins created Rome, one of the cities that will later shape the

Roman Empire and future Latin culture as well as the course of the

World. Spanish, Portuguese or Italian are just subcultures the same

way that their languages all derived from Latin.

As for the calendar we use today, also the false information

from the person that posted the answer previously. we didnt adopt

our calendar from mayans because it was created before the people

of the Old World (Europeans) even knew about the mayans or aztecs.

it was the roman calendar that people use today with 2 major

revisions from Gaius Julius Caesar (Julian calendar or old

calendar) and later on Pope Gregory XII (Gregorian calendar or new

calendar). Even the word calendar derived from the Latin word

Kalendae="the called" which depicted the first day of every


In short some other influences have shaped the Latin American

culture as such but the core of it is Latin Culture ergo Latin

America. pretty much the same way that Anglo America was shaped by

northwestern European culture.

"_Answer" id="_Answer">Answer

Latin America is mainly based on the cultures of the Spanish and

Portuguese. But if you choose to include the Caribbean, it is based

on strong African influences as well.

In Mexico, the Incas and Aztecs had huge civilizations. They

developed their own form of writing and our calendar is based of


Other little influences are French, British, and from the

Netherlands. But it is mainly Spanish and Portuguese.

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