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I like when an American person asks a question and then another American answers it. First of all the guy who asked the question answered it right away what European culture is most influental in Latin American the answer is well Latin culture what else. why do you think Latin America is called that, because of mayans or aztecs ?? lol. Latin culture originated in Europe in the province of Latium some 3000 years ago. and those same people or the original Latins created Rome, one of the cities that will later shape the Roman Empire and future Latin culture as well as the course of the World. Spanish, Portuguese or Italian are just subcultures the same way that their languages all derived from Latin.

As for the calendar we use today, also the false information from the person that posted the answer previously. we didnt adopt our calendar from mayans because it was created before the people of the Old World (Europeans) even knew about the mayans or aztecs. it was the roman calendar that people use today with 2 major revisions from Gaius Julius Caesar (Julian calendar or old calendar) and later on Pope Gregory XII (Gregorian calendar or new calendar). Even the word calendar derived from the Latin word Kalendae="the called" which depicted the first day of every month.

In short some other influences have shaped the Latin American culture as such but the core of it is Latin Culture ergo Latin America. pretty much the same way that Anglo America was shaped by northwestern European culture.

AnswerLatin America is mainly based on the cultures of the Spanish and Portuguese. But if you choose to include the Caribbean, it is based on strong African influences as well.

In Mexico, the Incas and Aztecs had huge civilizations. They developed their own form of writing and our calendar is based of theirs.

Other little influences are French, British, and from the Netherlands. But it is mainly Spanish and Portuguese.

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Q: Which European culture is the most influential in Latin America?
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Which two European countries most influenced the culture of Latin America?

what two European countries most influenced the culture of latin America The correct answer for novel stars is Spain and Portugal

What European countries most influenced the culture of Latin America?

Spain, Portugal and France, in that order.

What is a Latin culture?

Latin culture comes from Spain, Portuguese, and France Europe. People from Spain, Portuguese, and France had moved to Mexico, Central America, and South America. Mexico is an example as a European Latin country that speaks Spanish from Spanish Settlers. Over 90% of Mexicans are European Latin which means their family decendented from Spain, Portuguese, and France and moved to Mexico or south America. So many Mexicans have white/ European in them as south Americans do.

Is Spain a latin American culture?

No. Spain has a European culture.

Crete was the crossroads that linked what three culture?

In Latin America, people of mixed indigenous and European descent are called ___

What was part of the monroe doctrine?

America would not interfere in European affairs.European countries should not interfere with Latin American countries.The Western Hemisphere is closed to new European colonization.America would prevent European interference in Latin America. B.The Western Hemisphere is closed to new European colonization.America would prevent European interference in Latin America.

What is the creole class in Latin America?

The creole class in Latin America was those of European or African descent born in Latin America.

How did Europeans affect the culture of Latin America?

The Europeans influenced Latin America in their religion and language.Europeans brought a new language to Latin America.Europeans brought a new religion to Latin America.Slaves imported by Europeans contributed their language and customs to the culture.

What European country had the greatest impact on colonization in latin America?

Spain had the greatest impact on Latin America.

How did the Spanish conquest of Latin America affect Latin America?

It affected the people... for the worst. Those that didn't die of European-brought diseases like smallpox, were either massacred or enslaved by the conquistadors. Also their culture was wiped out, or at the very least, merged with the already-existing Spanish culture, the most prominent example of these being the Mexican culture.

Which culture region includes both south America and central America?

latin america

Where did Latin America get there culture from?

Spain, Portugal or France.

What were the reasons for European expansion into latin America?


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The US government openly stated that they would view any European interference in Latin America as?

Any European interference in Latin America would be viewed as a hostile act.

The influence of african culture on some areas of Latin America was largely a result of?

For centuries slavery was legal in many areas of Latin America. Thus, many native Black Africans were part of the population and their culture remains part of Latin American culture.

What place in the Americas was influenced by Portuguese culture?

Latin America

Who is a mulattoes in Latin America?

Someone of European and African ancestry.

What European country conquered most of latin America?


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What is the European church in Latin America called?

Roman Catholicism.

What protected latin america from european attack?

The Monroe Doctrine

What are the negative effects of globalization on Latin America?

There are many negative effects of globalization on Latin America. These negative effects include the dilution of Latin American culture.

What two European countries first claimed latin America?

The first two countries that claimed Latin America were France and Portugal

One result of the European conquest of Latin America was that in Latin America?

Spanish and Portuguese are the main languages and Christianity is the main religion.