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Which European nations were involved in The Holocaust?

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The active participants were:

The collaborators included:

  • Vichy France
  • The puppet governments of Slovakia, Belgium.

Poland was the most involved, Hungary and Norway. Denmark and Finland.. Italy, basically any country that was either allied or occupied by Germany or were against Germany in the war.

Even Japan was involved in the way that they offered protection to some Jews through their embassy.

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Was the United Nations involved in the Holocaust?

No, the United Nations Organization did not exist at the time.

What were the factors that caused European nations in the US to become involved in World War 1?

There are no "European nations " in the United States that caused them to get involved in the war. European nations are in Europe.

What Eastern European Nations actively supported the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was actively supported by Romania and the puppet states of Croatia and Slovakia.

Which cause of the freat war involved european nations competing for control of colonies?

The cause of the war involved European nations competing for control of colonies was boundary disputes.

What nations were involved in colonizing Africa between 1880 and 1914?

industrialized European nations.

Between 1880 and 1914 which nations were most involved in colonizing Africa?

industrialized western European nations

What countries were involved in Battle of Passchendaele?

Most European nations versus Germany.

Which european nations were involved in a naval rivalry in the early 1900s?

germany and great britian

What does not characterize the weakness of the League of Nations?

U.S determination to be more involved in European affairs

What best describes President Washington's foreign policy towards European nations?

He didn't want the US to get involved in European conflicts.

Which european nations were deeply involved in a naval rivalry in the early 1900s?

ANSWER Great Britain and Germany

Which two European nations were involved in the history of the Great Lakes area before statehood?

France and England

Was Japan involved in the Holocaust?

No. The Japanese were puzzled by the Nazis' hatred of the Jews. They didn't have the long standing European tradition of 'churchy' antisemitism.

How was the UN involved with Australia's Aborigines?

Australia was not actively involved in the united nations and by the time they were (1945) many of the European problems with the aborigines had died down.

Was the KKK involved in the holocaust?


What did David Irving do in the Holocaust?

He was born in 1938 in Britain and was not involved in the Holocaust.

How was the Holocaust involved in the genocide?

The Holocaust was genocide. See the related question.

What is a name for the united European nations?

The name of the United European Nations is called: The European Union (EU)

How many nations were involved in building the ISS?

There were 15 nations involved

Why did Hitler get involved in the Holocaust?

He didn't get involved, he was the one who started the holocaust because he hated Jews. He was part Jew himself.

Which European nations were involed in a rivalry in the early 1900s?

Germany and Great Britain were involved in a naval rivalry in the early 1900s.

Did European nations face storms?

European nations have faced many storms.

How is the holocaust part of American history?

It is not, the US was one of the many nations who were 'bystanders' to the Holocaust.

How can a minor crisis between two nations end up in a European war?

The 2 nations build up allies and then the crisis becomes greater as more people are involved in it.

Why did the Americans get involved with the holocaust?

they didn't.