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Which French explorer named Canada?

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The French explorer who named Canada was known as Jacques Cartier. He named Canada Kanata which means a settlement or village.

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Which french explorer gave Canada its name?

Canada was not named by a French explorer. It was named Kanata by the aboriginals, meaning "settlement" or "village", and gradually anglocized into Canada.

Who came up with Canada's language french?

A french explorer named Samuel De Chanplain explores Canada. So that's pretty much how Canada speaks French.

Who was the French explorer who first explored Canada?

Jacques Cartier was the French explorer who first explored Canada.

Lake named for french explorer?


French explorer who made three voyages to north America?

Jacques Cartier was a French explorer who led expeditions to North America in 1534, 1535, and 1541. Cartier was looking for the northwest passage. Canada was named by Jacques Cartier.

French explorer who claimed Canada?

jacques cartier

What was a french location in WA that a french sea explorer named?

barnaby bear

Who was the first French explorer to come to Canada?

Jacques Cartier

What French explorer named Canada?

Jacques Cartier named The Country of Canada's to the shores of the Saint Lawrence river. He used the word Kanata, which meant village in the native Huron-Iroquois language.

English explorer from whom a bay in Canada was named?

Henry Hudson

Who is the English explorer whom a bay in Canada was named after?

Henry Hudson

What was the purpose of John Cabot's voyage to Canada?

wich french explorer gave canada its name

What did Jacques Cartier do for Canada?

Jacques Cartier was a French explorer who claimed the land that is now Canada.

The french explorer La Salle named this area after his king?

it is Louisiana

Who was the French explorer who named Louisiana?

Robert cavalier de lasalle

What british explorer explored Canada?

An Irish born British explorer named Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton explored Canada. There were a lot of others from different areas that explored Canada also.

Who explored and colonized Canada?

Canada was first colonized by the French. In 1603 Samuel de Champlain, a French explorer, came to Canada and established the first French colonies at Quebec City and Port Royal.

What body of water was named for a famous french explorer?

what 3 bodies of water were important to french explorers

The first explored of Canada?

Do you mean the first explorer to explore Canada? If so, he was Jacques Cartier, a French explorer. He discovered the Saint Laurence River and journeyed to Canada three separate times.

Who was lake pontchartrain named after?

Lake Pontchartrain was named by French explorer, Pierre La Moyne in 1699. He named the lake for the French minister of Marine, Comte de Pontchartrain.

What were Jacques Cartier's interests?

He was a French explorer, who was the first European to see Canada.

What French explorer found and explored Canada?

It was Francisco Sack Re Blur.

What is the island off the west coast of Canada named after an English explorer?

john davis

How was lake Champlain named?

Named after the French explorer Samuel de Champlain who encountered the lake in July 1609

Name any places named after explorers in Canada?

a place that is named after an explorer would be: The Mackenzie River (is named after Alexander Mackenzie) Hudson Bay

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