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Males have a better sense of taste. They have 22% More taste buds than Woman.

Males have a better sense of taste. They have 22% More taste buds than Woman.

That is not true.

Females have at least 100 more taste buds than males.

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How do female taste buds defer from male taste buds?

There is no difference between the male and female gender for taste buds, but some people think that females have better taste buds. The female uses them more actively.

Does gender affect taste?

it does. taste affects your taste because of the hormones in your body.

Is your sense of taste and smell affected by your gender?


What taste better cow or bull meat?

Taste really has nothing to do with what gender the beef came from. It's more to do with what the animal was raised on and how long the animal's carcass was hung for. Meat from a cow or bull can taste just as good or bad as the other.

Does cereal taste better at night?

It does taste better at night (for me)....I have no idea why, but it does!!

Does gender affect your sense of taste?

Yes; generally males have a duller sense of taste than females.

Is it better to loose taste or smell?

It is better to loose taste, it is less sensible.

Does grass taste good?

No. Leaves don't taste good either but it taste better than grass. I think that grass taste better then leaves. leaves taste nasty. yuck!

Does sprite taste better than coke?

yes, it does taste SOOO much better

Do vegetarians taste better?

four out of five cannibals agree...vegitarians do taste better.

Will pre-ejaculate taste better if you eat pineapple?

People do say it does taste better

Which is the more dominant gender?

There is no such thing as a better gender. We are all equal!

Why does alcohol make tomatoes taste better?

the sweet taste of it :)

What has a better sense of taste a cat or a dog?

A cat can taste better than a dog, that is why they are so picky!

Why does pepper make food taste better?

Pepper makes savory foods taste better because it stimulates the taste buds and adds aroma.

What are demographic factors?

age,gender,family size,preferences,taste etc

Which gender do Jews like better?

There is no preference between gender amongst Jews.

Is mixed gender school or separate gender school better?

I'm from mixed but to me speared would be better, study wise but social wise mixed is better

Which gender has a better sense of smelll?

Females have a better smell

Does marijuana effect your taste?

yes it makes things taste better

How do strawberry taste?

so good but if you put sugar on them they will taste better!

How do you taste test which cookies taste better?

use chocolate milk

Does chicken or beef taste better?

I think both of them taste better it all depends on how its cooked, and the types of seasonings that are used.

What is gender superiority?

Gender Superiority is considered as the acknowledgement that the majority of a gender is better than the other in a given area. This doesn't not mean that all persons belonging to a specific gender are better than the other. e.g. Most women are considered better caregivers than men while most men are considered better with tools or handiwork than women.

Which gender has a better sense of smell?

girls have better sense of smell

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