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Which Indians lived in teepees?


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The Plains Indians. The Sioux.


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Mostly Plains Indians lived in teepees i.e. the Sioux and Cheyenne

Many of the Indians of the desert southwest lived in adobe structures. I doubt any lived in teepees. Teepees were used by people who were nomadic, such as the plains Indians.

They lived in teepees and tents.

the teton Sioux Indians lived in teepees

Most plains Indians such as, Kiowa, Blackfoot and Sioux.

The southwest Indians lived in teepees, longhouses, and wigwams.

The Aztec Indians lived in teepees. These served as the traditional habitats for most of the natives living in America in the early days.

did karankawa Indians live in teepees

No, Navajos live in round houses/earth lodges called Hogans. Navajos never lived in teepees.

No. For example the Apache indians lived in pueblos.

teepees are found in africa red indians live in teepees

They mainly lived in teepees because they were always moving around hunting buffalo.

No, they lived in hunt like housing made from clay.

The type of shelter the Wichita Indians lived in depended on the climate. They built everything from grass huts to teepees.stuff

They Lived in teepees cause of their climate and wether

Yes they do live in teepees and huts.

Teepees were the housing of Native Americans present in the Great Plains. Since the Lakota people lived in the Great Plains, they lived in teepees.

shoshone Indians used flowers ,grass and tree bark to decorate their teepees

in the plains. the teepees were mainly used with the plain indians

The Crow Lived in Teepees :) ~ Molly Fisher Frome PA (Cambria Heights)

They need to move around with the animals so they wouldn't run out of food so they had to have housing that would come with them. The teepees were light and easily moved. It was a logical choice. P.S. It was not all Indians that lived in the teepee, for it was only the plains tribe.

some Indians lived in teepees, longhouses, or wigwams and other sorts of houses it depends cause their are several tribes. LUV ASHLEY.

the shoshone Indians used teepees as homes, in their time.

yes they lived in teepees and on the southern coast of Alberta

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