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The Plains Indians. The Sioux.

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Q: Which Indians lived in teepees
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What kind of Indians lived in teepees?

Mostly Plains Indians lived in teepees i.e. the Sioux and Cheyenne

Did the desert southwest Indians live in teepees?

Many of the Indians of the desert southwest lived in adobe structures. I doubt any lived in teepees. Teepees were used by people who were nomadic, such as the plains Indians.

River where Shawnee Indians lived?


What did the apache Indians live in?

They lived in teepees and tents.

What are the homes of southwest Indians?

The southwest Indians lived in teepees, longhouses, and wigwams.

What Indians lived in teepees?

Most plains Indians such as, Kiowa, Blackfoot and Sioux.

What did the teton Sioux Indians live in?

the teton Sioux Indians lived in teepees

What kind of habitat did the apache Indians live in?

they lived in teepees

Did Aztec Indians live in teepees?

The Aztec Indians lived in teepees. These served as the traditional habitats for most of the natives living in America in the early days.

Did karankawa Indians live in teepee's?

did karankawa Indians live in teepees

Did all the native Americans live in teepees?

No. For example the Apache indians lived in pueblos.

Did Navajo Indians live in teepees?

No, Navajos live in round houses/earth lodges called Hogans. Navajos never lived in teepees.

Where are teepees found?

teepees are found in africa red indians live in teepees

When did the plains Indians live?

They mainly lived in teepees because they were always moving around hunting buffalo.

Did Cherokee Indians live in teepees in north Carolina?

No, they lived in hunt like housing made from clay.

Did the Chippewa Indians live in teepees?

yes they do live in teepees

Where Sioux lived?

In teepees

Do plateau Indians live in teepees?

Yes they do live in teepees and huts.

What type of home did the North West Pacific Coast Indians live in?

They Lived in teepees cause of their climate and wether

What did the shoshone Indians decorate their teepees with?

shoshone Indians used flowers ,grass and tree bark to decorate their teepees

What area did Indians build their teepees back in the old days?

in the plains. the teepees were mainly used with the plain indians

Why did the Lakota live in teepees?

Teepees were the housing of Native Americans present in the Great Plains. Since the Lakota people lived in the Great Plains, they lived in teepees.

What were the blackfoot Indians live in?


What did the southeast Indians live in?

I teepees

What kind of houses did the Crow Indians live in?

The Crow Lived in Teepees :) ~ Molly Fisher Frome PA (Cambria Heights)