Which Lady Gaga song Christmas tree come which album did it come from?

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ACTUALLY It is NOT in its own album called "Christmas Tree", that is WRONG.
It ACTUALLY IS a part of "The B-Side: Disco Heaven".
The "confusing" part is that The B-Side: Disco Heaven IS NOT an album you can buy.
It is the name of all her unreleased and rare tracks that are out on the internet.
It's the name of those collective works put together.
And if someone tries to sell The B-Side: Disco Heaven as an album to you,
it's a bootleg and your own fault for believing and buying it. :)
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Ware does Lady Gaga come from?

from her mom's tummy. Wow ironic just like me and probley you. And her mom came from her moms tummy ironic

Where does Lady Gaga come from?

Lady Gaga's home planet is known to the people of Earth as 'Jupiter'. She comes from a small town near the top which is called Gagaville, after her.

How did the Christmas tree come about?

The use of evergreen trees, wreaths, and garlands to symbolizeeternal life was a custom of the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, andHebrews. The custom of the Christmas tree developed in early modernGermany, where it was adorned with apples, nuts, and other foods.

In Germany where does a Christmas tree come from?

well, the Germans decided to start the Christmas tree tradition, to represent the garden of eden. They use to purt apples on the evergreen tree, but now we use ornaments

Is Lady Gaga coming to nz?

Yes she is, she's going to NZ very soon for her Born This Way Ball Tour.

What songs are in Lady Gagas album?

So far, she has 2 albums. The Fame and The Fame Monster. She's going to have her third album at the end of 2010 again. Here are the songs in her albums: The Fame: Just Dance Love Game Paparazzi Beautiful Dirty Rich Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) Poker Face The Fame Money Honey ( Full Answer )

Does Lady Gaga come from germany?

No, Lady GaGa was born and has spent all of her life in New York. Of, course, she has travelled around the world doing tours and shows though.

The Christmas song lyrics Lady Gaga?

It's called The Christmas Tree Song lady gaga Ra pa pam pam, ra pa pam pam Ra pa pam pam, ra pa pam pam Light me up put me on top, let's falalalalalalala Light me up put me on top, let's falalalalalalala The only place you wanna be is Underneath my Christmas tree The only place yo ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics to Christmas tree by Lady Gaga?

Ra pa pam pam ra pa pam pam ra pa pam pam ra pa pam pam . light me up put me on top let's falalalalalalalala . light me up put me on top let's falalalalalalalala . the only place you wanna be is underneath my Christmas tree . the only place you wanna be is underneath my Christmas tree . light m ( Full Answer )

What month did paparatzi by Lady Gaga come out?

Paparazzi was released as a single in various countries on the following dates: UK: 07/06/09 Australia: 07/10/09 Italy: 07/17/09 USA: 09/08/09 Germany: 09/11/09 France: 12/07/09

What album did Christmas tree by lady gaga come from?

It came fromm B side:Disco heaven which you can't buy it is a collection of the rare songs the she recorded but didnt release and if you can get a hold of a good version of it you must have goo contacts

When is Lady Gaga coming to Virginia?

She hasnt been to VA , well not that im sure of, i reside in HAMPTON ROADS and im getting impatient MOTHER MONSTER IM AWAITING YOUR ARRIVAL *LAKISHA K STEWART*

When is Lady Gaga sound track coming out?

It depends if you are talking about Her new one The Fame Monster which came out yesterday November 23, 2009. The Fame came out last year

Is Lady Gaga ever coming to Texas?

Based on the schedule for her Monster Ball Tour, she will not be visiting Texas. As far as ever , though, considering that she's dominated the rest of the world, I would imagine she'll make her way there eventually.

What songs are on the album 'the fame' by Lady Gaga?

The Fame CD has: 1. Lovegame 2. Papparazzi 3. Poker Face 4. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I can say) 5. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich 6. The Fame 7. Money Honey 8. Boys Boys Boys 9. Paper Gangsta 10. Brown Eyes 11. I Like it Rough 12. Summerboy [Bonus] Starstruck If this helps please give me a trust point. Thanks. ( Full Answer )

Did Lady Gaga come to Montreal?

Yes, I have seen some Youtube videos of her performing concerts in Montreal. She was there for Monster Ball, so I would have to bet she probably had a Fame Ball concert there as well. Hope that helps. :) If you want to see videos of Gaga in Montreal just go to Youtube.com and look up something like ( Full Answer )

When does the music video for the song Telephone by Lady Gaga come out?

Its funny you should ask this because my local radio station was just talking about this. It is supposed to be premiered in the next few months but some still shots are up... kc101.com That's the website for the station. Go to the Michael Mayes or Mac on the Radio page. They should have some info th ( Full Answer )

Is Lady Gaga coming to El Paso?

Yes, it depends because i don't know where El Paso is but if its in California she will come.

Which city does Lady Gaga come from?

Lady GaGa is a 23 year old woman who is a roman Catholic Nun People are saying she ws born in country nn American related Ali :)

Is Lady Gaga coming to US?

Yes Lady Gaga is currently on her Monsterball tour, she is touring North America right now as this is her second North American leg, this section ends Sept. 19th in Raleigh. Then she's coming back for the third time this tour from Feb. 19th (im seein her this day:D) to April 18th 2011. I hope this h ( Full Answer )

When is lady gagas next album coming out?

She was recently asked in an interview on "Larry King Live" this question and she wouldn't give away the answer to that, but she did say that it isn't coming out Christmas of 2010.

Does Lady Gaga come from money?

No she isn't. She went to a catholic girls school in New York and ran away from home to pursue her music career. Her family could have been higher middle class but nothing spectacular. She played in night clubs until she signed with a record company.

Does Lady Gaga has a new album coming out?

Lady Gaga's new album will eb called either Born This Way or Judas and it will be coming out on May 23, 2011. It will apparently be featuring the song Hair, Judas, Born This Way, and The Edge of Glory. The Edge of Glory just came out on her youtube three dacys ago, and I LOVE it! You should check it ( Full Answer )

When does the Christmas tree come out on Farmville?

Farmville issued the 2010 Christmas Tree near the beginning of December. Thanksgiving on Farmville hadn't yet ended! It will probably follow a similar pattern in upcoming years.

Where did the triditional of the Christmas tree come from?

It began in the Middle East, trees were traditionally cut down, brought into the home, and decorated, just as xmas trees are today. Evergreens are a natural symbol of hope and the promise of renewed life in the spring during a time when most plants are barren in European climates. Today, the Christm ( Full Answer )

What songs are on lady gagas new album born this way?

Marry The Night, Born This Way, Government Hooker, Judas, Americano, Hair, Schiesse, Bloody Mary, Black Jesus + Amen Fashion (deluxe edition), Bad Kids, Fashion Of His Love (deluxe edition), Highway Unicorn [Road To Love], Heavy Metal Lover, Electric Chapel, The Queen (deluxe edition), Yoü and I, ( Full Answer )

Where was Lady Gaga name come from?

from lady gaga and she got it from one of her favorite bands gaga. she got lady from something got to do with her future name when she becomes a singer. (Fortunately she did become a singer). Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

When is Lady Gaga coming to Minnesota?

Lady Gaga was in Saint Paul , Minnesota on May 20,2014 at the Xcel Energy Center as part of her "ArtRave:The Artpop Ball" concert tour.

Is Lady Gaga coming to Adelaide?

she will announce more dates in a week or 2 depending on whether the shows sell out and Adelaide will be announced sooner to the date because promoters are scared that noone will buy tickets before hand. So hopefully late feb/ march she will announce Adelaide dates.

Where did Lady Gaga comes from?

She was born in New York City in America, but she is part Itallian and part French-Canadian as well

When did the album Christmas Sky come out?

The album 'Christmas Sky' was released in 2002. The album was released by Jordan Rudess. The album is a Christmas album with piano and synthesizer Christmas songs.