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Which MLB team has the most wins since 2000?


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The New York Yankees have the most wins since 2000, with 894, The Boston Red Sox are in second with 836.

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As of as of March 8, 2012 The NFL team who has the most regular season wins since 1970 are the Pittsburgh Steelers with 396 regular wins since 1970.

as of November 16, 2009 the patriots have 108 wins since 2000. the COLTS have 110! The colts have the most regular season wins as of 12/29/09 with 115 vs (112 for the pats) but the Patriots have the most total playoff and regular season wins of 126 (vs 122 for the colts)

which nfl team has the most wins since 1997? name the top 10.

Well, the University of Kentucky has the most wins, first team to 2000 wins. The team with the most NCAA championships is UCLA with 11 titles.

The University of Kentucky currently with over 2000 wins ! Also the only team with over 2000 wins !

Since 2000 the Los Angeles Lakers has had the most wins in the NBA. Due to injuries and trades the Lakers have not had much success the past two seasons.

The Colts have the most regular season wins for the 2000-2009 decade with 115 wins compared to the Patriots 112.

Kentucky is currently at 1995 wins in their school's history. They are racing to become the first team with 2000 wins. The team closest to UK is North Carolina with 1989.

Chicago Bears 702 wins, only team with 700 or more combined Seasons and Post Season wins since the creation of the NFL.

Through the 2008 season, the franchise record for wins in a season in 105 by the 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers. Since coming to LA in 1958, the most wins the team has had in a season is 102 in 1962 and 1974.

As of April 16th, 2013, the Philadelphia Eagles are 16-11 against the Dallas Cowboys since 2000.

The Kansas City Chiefs had the most wins in the 1990s

Overall The University of Montana has won 119 games since 2000 as of their 12-12-09 win over Appalachian State. One game remains for the Grizzlies in the NCAA Div I-AA FCS National Championship game 12-18-09 to attempt to push their wins to 120. Montana has a win percentage of .844 with a record of 119-22 since 2000.In the BCS The Oklahoma Sooners have won the most with 104 wins and Boise State is next with 103 wins.

One team has the most wins and that team is the University Of Kentucky.

AnswerDepends on what you looking for, since the FCS and FBS play a different amount of games per year you should be asking what college football team has the highest winning percentage?Answer would be Boise State 0.873 (124-18)If you just want the highest number of wins then that would be the Montana Grizzlies with a percentage of 0.828 (126-26)Number of wins and losses are being pulled from the 2000 - 2010 seasonsSee Also…

Internazionale is the team in the Serie A that has the most number of consecutive wins.

Internazionale is the team in Serie A that has the most number of wins in a season.

They have 109 wins total since 2000

The Denver Broncos have a record of 105-87 since 2000

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