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Which NCAA black college football team has won the most anational championships in modern football?


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In "modern football" there are no black colleges. Ever heard of desegregation?


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Michigan claims 11 national championships in football. 7 of which are considered recognized titles in: 1901, 1902, 1932, 1933, 1947, 1948, 1997. Two of those, 1948 and 1997 are considered consensus national championships of the modern era of football.

During the modern era of college football the answer is the 2007 Navy vs. North Texas football game. Navy 74 - North Texas 62

Michigan claims 11 national championships in football. 7 of which are considered recognized titles in: 1901, 1902, 1932, 1933, 1947, 1948, 1997. Two of those, 1948 and 1997 are considered consensus national championships of the modern era of football. so figure what they have played from what they have won

No college football team in the "modern poll era" (generally recognized to have started with the 1950 college football season) has ever won four consecutive national championships as selected by major polls (AP, Coaches Poll, BCS, etc). Prior to the modern poll era, the last program to be recognized by various methods to have won four national titles in four years is the University of Michigan (1901, 1902, 1903 and 1904). Yale is recognized to have won five straight (1891-1895) and six straight (1879-1884). Princeton also won six straight (1869, 1870, 1872-1875 with no college football season in 1871) and five straight (1877-1881). After the 2013 season, the current BCS National Championship Game will be replaced with the "College Football Playoff," and the champion of that playoff will simply be referred to as "College Football Playoff Champions." However, the Coaches Poll and Associated Press will likely still refer to their respective poll champions as "national champions."

There are an unlimited number of over time periods in college football since the modern-era rule change, making it virtually impossible for a college game to result in a tie score

Since the NCAA was not established until 1910, I would say that NCAA football did not begin until 1910. However, COLLEGE football was being played long before that, as early as 1869, though the game played then more closely resembled rugby than modern American football. See the Wikipedia article on "college football", or just "American football", for more information.

The modern-era two point conversion, by run or pass, started in 1958.

Farting Championships were played in the first modern Olympic games.

Modern College of Management was created in 2008.

The first contest under what would eventually become the modern game of American Football, or gridiron football, was not only the first college football game, but the first football game as the sport was new and professional and other amateur leagues did not exist at the time. The game was played on November 6, 1869 between the College of New Jersey (Princeton University today) and Rutgers College (Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, or simply Rutgers University today). Rutgers won, 6-4.

For college football, the 1920's meant Knute Rockne. He practically invented the passing game and many modern strategies. I recommend "The Knute Rockne Story" on video, and there are many wonderful websites as well devoted to this great man.

The motto of Modern College of Management is 'building your career, shaping your future'.

no, cambridge university created the modern game of football.

The first black football player at the collegiate level was William Henry Lewis. He played for Amherst in 1889. In that era, Amherst was one of the perennial powers. If, by "major college football", you mean the modern era in a modern conference, its hard to tell. Many teams and conferences, especially in the north, were promoting integration by the late 1950's and early 1960's. The first black Heisman winner was Ernie Davis, who played for Syracuse and won the award in 1961.

Actually, unlike Baseball, where the pros accept players right out of highschool, the NFL is made-up of about 98% college football players in modern times. The chances of making it to the pros in football is very slim unless you play for a college team. There are some exceptions and most of those players have never become famous or household names. So, the answer you require would contain a list of thousands of players. Maybe 4,000+ names. Too many to list here.

Football evolved from rugby. The founders changed the rules around alittle and ta da! Football!

Yes. if you consider the late 1800's modern.

Modern Football was officially invented in England. The Football Association was established in 1863 writing the rules for the game... with league and cup competitions following years later. England is referred to as the "Home of Football"

Boise State scored 41.4 points per game from 2000-2009.

The cast of The Birth of Modern Football - 2006 includes: Donna DeMarco as Mrs. Coach

Guru Gobind Singh College of Modern Technology was created in 2002.

football and basketball

In 1863,at Cambridge University, a group of Englishmen formed the Football Association and invented the modern game of football.

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