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Which NFL quarterback has the most career play off wins?


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Joe Montana with 16 playoff wins.


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Kellen Moore of Boise St. about 48 wins.

Troy Aikman had 94 career wins as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys from 1989 to 2000. His 90 wins during the 1990s were the most by a quarterback in any decade until Peyton Manning and Tom Brady surpassed the record,

San Diego Dynasty , has the most TOTAL Wins , for there career time for teams that CURRENTLY play

The most winningest quarterback in the NFL is Brett Favre with 186 wins

Brett Favre does with 186 wins currently.

Brett Favre, with 169 wins as a starter.

Peyton Manning W/199 wins in his 13 yr career

terry bradshaw for the steelers

Brette favre with most touchdowns thrown most passing yards most interceptions longest throw first quarterback to start his career with five interceptions to go to a probowl most mvp awards andmost wins

John Elway and Brett Favre currently tied at 148. tie between Brett Farve-John Elway.. at least this week On September 16, 2007 Brett Favre won his 149th game as a starting QB passing John Elway for the most victories by a quarterback. As of September 23rd 2007 Brett Favre has 150 wins as an NFL starting Quarterback.

Season: 14 by Phil Simms in 1986. Career: 95 by Phil Simms between 1979-1993.

Cy Young. 511 career wins

Martin broudeur has the most all time wins.

Cy Young was a pitcher in the early years of Major League Baseball. He still holds many records including most career wins and most career losses.

what quarterback has the most Super Bowl wins

Colt McCoy, University of Texas, 36 wins as of Sept. 28 2009

Kellen Moore (Boise State), 46 wins from 2008-Present.

Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw are tied with four super bowl wins each.

Dave Foster of Arizona State with 44 INTS and 153 TDS and over 1700 yards too. Also he has 143 wins as a starter

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