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Which NFL team is the most popular?


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2012-01-03 06:36:55
2012-01-03 06:36:55
Most Popular NFL Team

The cowboys, obviously, but I think the packers are a close second, followed by the steelers (crazy obsessed fans), and then the Jets, (most loyal fans EVER, and we have a lot of them)

I read before that a nation poll showed that the top 3 teams going by fans all around the US is 1) Cowboys 2) Steelers 3)Patriots. But if you want to talk about Loyal fans, it has to be the Packers, even during the worst seasons, they still sell out even in a freezing ice storm. Would you pay top dollar to watch your team suck in a blizzard? Packer fans do.


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The Seattle Seahawks are the most popular team in Alaska.

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Patriots; Dallas; Packers; or Broncos

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The Dallas Cowboys are then New England Then Pittsburgh

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It depends on who you are. I kinda think the Giants at the moment.

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Gotta be the Green Bay Packers!

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