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Which Olympic events are the US NOT participating in?


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2004-08-24 10:47:20
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The only sport which I'm sure is Baseball (the US lost to Mexico in pre-qualification). Which raises the question - is the rest of the World overtaking the US at Baseball? - come to that can anyone name the 75 nations on the five continents that are supposed to have nationally recognised leagues in order for it to become an Olympic sport or was it pressure from the US Basebase associations to include a sport they thought they would be guaranteed a medal at - if so it backfired big time in 2004?


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Karate is not one of the Olympic sports. Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and the US is participating.

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What Country s are participating in the London Olympic games 2012

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There are 208 countries participating in the Beijing Olympic games in 2008.

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There are 215 athletes from the United States participating in the Sochi Olympics.

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