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There were at least 450 people

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What eles did Hitler rule?

He just ruled over Germany, the countries hitler occupied were Nazi German - occupied states.

Which Secret organizations within Germany and German occupied countries that fought Nazism were called?


What was the goal of the D-Day invasion?

The liberation of the German-occupied countries of Europe and the final defeat of Germany.

How many countries are German countries?

There are 3 German speaking countries. Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Was Germany occupied by the German troops in World War 2?

yes it t'was

Where were most death camps found?

germany ____ No, actually in German-occupied Poland.

What methods did Germany use to ensure their factories would be kept productive in World War 2 when so many of their men were at war?

Germany used slave labor culled from different countries they occupied. The German government supplied farmers with laborers, and during air raids would use captured prisoners to clear streets and homes of debris. Carl

What countries were the prisoners taken to and what jobs were they required to perform?

Which prisoners? German,British,Russian,American? Need more info.

How were Jews treated in business during World War 2?

In Germany and German-occupied countries, Jewish-owned businesses were seized by the Nazis and sold to non-Jews from 1939 onwards. In Germany, the process was referred to as 'aryanization'. The proceeds went to the German government.

Why did Sweden remain free during World War 2?

Many countries declared neutrality in World War II; some of these neutral countries were occupied and/or annexed by Germany (e.g. Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway), and others were left alone (e.g. Sweden, Spain, Switzerland). The reasons why some countries were left alone are complex, but in general it's simply because the neutral countries were more useful to Germany as independent countries than as occupied countries. Occupying a country requires a lot of manpower and money, as well as resources, so it's cheaper not to occupy a country if you don't have to. Sweden was surrounded by German-occupied Norway on the west and German-allied Finland on the east (the Finns were forced to ally with Germany because the Soviet Union kept invading them in an attempt to annex Finland). South of Sweden was German-occupied Denmark, Germany proper, and German-occupied Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. So, Sweden was completely surrounded by Germany--there was no reason for Germany to occupy Sweden, too. Sweden also granted Germany certain rights in order to maintain its independence. For instance, Sweden allowed German war materiel to be transported from Germany to Norway and to Finland via Sweden; for this and other reasons, some argue that Sweden really collaborated with the Germans and was not neutral, properly speaking.

How much German land was occupied by the Allied powers after World War 2?

All of Germany was occupied by Allied Powers after WWII. The Russians occupied almost the entire eastern section of Germany and Britain, France, and the US occupied the western section.

What countries were not occupied by Germany during world war 2?

In Europe Portugal, Spain (had it's own fascist regime), Switzerland, Vatican, Sweden, Finland (allowed the German troops to go through its land in order to attack the USSR though) and Turkey were not occupied by the German military.

D-day attempted to free what occupied country?

France, as well as other german occupied european countries........

Was the government involved with the Holocaust?

The German government? Yes. The governments of the various countries allied with or occupied by Germany? Yes. The governments of countries, like the U.S., that were at war with Germany? No.Michael MontagneAnswerThe holocaust was carried out on the orders of the German government. This is something that modern Germany officially acknowledges. In other words, the holocaust was NOT some unofficial or 'private' initiative, and it wasn't a matter of 'excesses' by units running amok. The holocaust was official policy of the Third Reich. The governments of Nazi-occupied countries and of most of Germany's WW2 allies were also heavily involved.

Who were the German occupied countries?

Poland Denmark Norway Belgium Luxemborg The Netherlands France

Was Germany occupied by Germany in World War 2?

yes Are you sure? Maybe cause the Nazi Soldiers back than... +++ The National Socialists (Nazi is an abbreviation of the German version of the name) were German so they cannot be said to have "occupied" Germany. They did however rule their own country as a ruthless dictatorship.

In what year was the former German democratic republican founded?

The German Democratic Republic, known in English as East Germany, was created by the Soviet Union in the Soviet Zone of occupied Germany and the Soviet sector of occupied Berlin in 1949. In 1990 its re-established states joined the Federal Republic of Germany.

What countries were under German control in 1940?

By the end of 1940 Germany occupied France, Netherlans, Belgium, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Luxembourg, Austria, Norway, Few british channel islands.

What are all of the German speaking countries?

Germany, Austria ,Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg are the main German speaking countries.

The German Federal Republic or West Germany was composed of the areas occupied by?

Britain, the U.S., and France

The German Ferderal Republic or West Germany was composed of the areas occupied?

britain, the u.s., and france

Where did the the Holocaust take place at?

The holocaust took place in Germany and in German occupied parts of Europe

What countries speak Austrian German?

Austria and Germany

What were the main countries involved in the Holocaust?

German, some of Germany's allies and the countries that were occupied by Germany in WW2 - Poland Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Yugoslavia, Greece and much of the Soviet Union. --- What do you mean by 'involved'?

Which countries say Froehliche Weihnachten?

Germany and other German-speaking countries