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Which Ship was hit first at Pearl Harbor?

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Log records show the battleship USS Oklahoma received 3 torpedo hits at 0750 hours.

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What ship was first hit at the attack at Pearl Harbor?

According to Pearl Harbor Secrets The USS Arizona was the first one hit.

What ship was hit the hardest in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The USS Arizona.

What was the Second ship hit at Pearl Harbor?

the USS Oklahoma was the 2nd

Where did the first bomb hit in the attack on pearl harbor?

Counting a torpedo hit - The USS Oklahoma

What did not get hit at pearl harbor?


What famous ship exploded in pearl harbor?

The Battleship Arizona was hit several times- did suffer explosions- and sank with heavy casualties.

What time was the first bomb hit Pearl harbor?

Early morning, Sunday, December 7th, 1941

What time did Pearl Harbor get hit?

no one knows

How much did it cost to make the movie Pearl Harbor?

It cost 140 million dollars to make the hit movie Pearl Harbor.

Did Pearl Harbor get hit in World War 1 or 2?

In World War Two Pearl Harbor was attacked by imperialist japan

What was the Japanese bombers hit rate on pearl harbor?


When was the pearl harbor hit by the Japanese?

December 7, 1941

What battleship had a direct hit at pearl harbor?

battleship Oklahoma

Why was the bombing pointless Pearl Harbor?

because the main goal in the bombing of pearl harbor was to hit the aircraft carriers. but they were out at sea. there for the only outcome of pearl harbor was sinking battleships and waking up the sleeping giant that the USA.

What time did the attack of the pearl harbor happen?

The first wave hit at approximately 7:48 AM, December 7, 1941.

What was the best weapon in pearl harbor?

To quote a USN aviator from WW2: "If you wanna fill a ship with air, ya hit it with a dive bomber; if ya wanna fill it with water, ya hit it with torpedos!"

What important target did japan fail to hit in its attack at Pearl Harbor?

first answer:They did not really fail to hit anything, they hit there most valuable boat (the Oklahoma) which was upside down leaving hundreds to suffer.Correct answer:The Japanese priority targets in order at Pearl Harbor were as follows:#1 US Battleships#2 US Aircraft Carriers#3 US CruisersEight of the nine US Battleships in the Pacific were at Pearl Harbor. The USS Colorado was at the west coast. The USS Utah was sunk, however it was no longer a battleship, it had been converted to a US Navy target ship. All eight battleships were hit, and four of these were sunk. Two of these were refloated and returned to combat service in the Pacific.The three US Aircraft Carriers in the Pacific were not at Pearl Harbor, and were not hit.Of the 24 US Cruisers in the Pacific, eight were at Pearl Harbor. Some of these were hit, however none were sunk.The Japanese did not plan to target the Dry Dock or the fuel storage tanks, so they were important items not hit.

What was the order of the ships hit in pearl harbor?

1234 i declare a thumb war.

What did president Roosevelt have to do with Pearl Harbor?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, he was the man who made the decision to not protect the pearl harbor because he thought the Japanese would never hit the pearl harbor, he thought they would choose a more challenged part of the United States. But the Japanese thought ahead and hit a more easier target.

What did Japanese hit during attack of pearl harbor?

the Japanese hit the U.S.S Arizona leaving 1,200 dead

How many bombs were used in pearl harbor?

I only know 8 hit the Arizona

December 7 1941 what happened in America?

Japan hit Pearl Harbor(Hawaii)

What was the nickname of the area hit hardest during the bombing of pearl harbor?

Battleship Row

When did Japan hit Pearl Harbor?

When the Jews farted on their sushi they got angry and blew them up.

When was pearl harbor hit in world war 2?

june 6th im pretty sure

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