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Almost all South American countries are Spanish speaking except Guyana (English) Suriname (Dutch) and French Guiana (French) and of course Brazil (Portuguese).

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Q: Which South American countries speak Spanish?
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Why do they not speak spanish in South America?

They do speak Spanish in many South American countries. However, in some countries Portuguese is the official language. Many people can also speak a secondary language.

Why are South American countries catholic?

the same readon south American speak spanish Spain

What are two South American countries where Spanish is not commonly spoken?

Brazil and Suriname Brazil is not spanish and it does not speak spanish

What south American countries speak spanish?

Spanish is the official language of most South American countries. Exceptions are Brazil (Portuguese), Suriname (Dutch), Guyana (English), and French Guiana (French), although you will find Spanish speakers in these countries as well.

What is the official language in most south America countries?

Most South American countries speak Spanish however Portugese is the dominant language in Brazil.

Which is the biggest south American country where spanish is not spoken?

Most South American countries speak Spanish. Brazil is the largest country in South America and Portuguese is their primary language. Making them the largest non Spanish language group in South America

Which Central American countries predominantly speak Spanish?

All Central American countries except Belize predominantly speak Spanish.

What northern countries speak Spanish?

The answer is that there are no northern countries that speak Spanish. all Latina/Hispanic countries are in the south near the equator.

Countries in America that speak spanish?

In the North American continent, the country of Mexico is the only Spanish speaking country. South America on the other hand, is filled with Spanish speaking countries.

Why do Latin American countries speak Spanish?

Latin American countries speak Spanish because Spain was a major colonizer of Latin and South America, and vigorously imposed its language on the people living there, to a greater degree than either England or even France.

What is your race if your are Hispanic?

You are a Spanish speaker. - it actually is an American term referring to people that speak Spanish and have their origins in Mexico or the countries to the south of Mexico.

Why some of south America not speak spanish?

The following South American countries do not speak Spanish:BrazilSurinameFrench GuianaThe Falkland IslandsThese countries do not speak spanish because they were never colonies of Spain.

Why do some south American countries not speak spanish?

South American countries where Spanish is spoken are those who were colonized by Spain. These countries are: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Brazil was colonized by Portugal so they speak Portuguese Suriname was colonized by the Netherlands so they speak Dutch Guyana was colonized by the United Kingdom so they speak English French Guyana was colonized by France, so the speak French :)

Which south american countries dont speak spanish?

The only South American countries where Spanish is not the first official language are Brazil (Portuguese), Suriname (Dutch), Guyana (English) and French Guiana (French). However, Spanish is spoken widely throughout the whole of the South American continent as a second or third official language.

What Latin American countries don't speak spanish?

in the 15th century Spain travelled to America looking for land. that is why lots of the countries near there speak Spanish. but in south America and Brazil doesn't speak Spanish, and above Mexico. i hope this has answered your question.

What countries in South America speak spanish?

The following South American countries speak Spanish: Argentina Bolivia Chile Paraguay Peru Uruguay Venezuela

Which South America countries predominanty speak spanish?

Except for Brazil (portuguese), Guyana (English), French Guiana(french), and Suriname,(dutch) all other south American countries are spanish-speaking people.

What Latin American countries do not speak Spanish?

Latin America includes all of Central and South America. Of these countries, French Guiana, Brazil, and Suriname all have non-Spanish national languages.Ê

Is Spanish the only language spoken in Spanish speaking countries?

No, it's not. I don't know much about South American countries, but in Spain they speak mostly Castilian (castellano) Spanish; however, there are some regions where they speak a different language. For exmaple, in Cataluña (where Barcelona is) you can hear Catalán. Or in the Basque Country they speak Basque.

What is the name and language of the largest South American country that does not speak Spanish?

Brazil is the largest country in South America and they do not speak Spanish, but instead speak Portuguese.

What countries speak spanish in South America and Central America?

All countries in South and Central America speak Spanish with the exception of Brazil, Belize, Surinam, French Guyana, and the Falkland Islands.

Which central American countries speak English and not a spanish colony?

this is for Spanish its Honduras

What language and religion seem to dominate the nations south of the United states?

Countries south of United States, Mexico, Central American countries and South American countries are old colonies of Spanish and Portuguese Empires. That's for they speak Spanish in most of the Central and South America, but Portuguese in Brazil. All the countries are mostly catholic, because of their catholic mothercountries. The Spanish conquistadors conquered the lands from Native Americans, of most notables were aztecs and incas. Mayan civilization collapsed before the Europeans came to America. The Native American religions were suppressed, although there are Native American population majorities in some South American countries, like Peru.

What countries in south America don't speak spanish?


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